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  1. Hi, I'm looking for the default bootanimation for the U8100 (Canada - Wind Mobile). It's a simple silver Android text that shines from left to right. I can't find it anywhere (I've flashed a new ROM, but it wasn't in system/media in stock ROM). Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure what to do at that point. The lock in Wind screen is intentional - probably took 5 minutes for the phone to boot after superbooting for the first time. I'd try downloding the updata.app file and force updating the phone to stock again (volume up) - it'll take whatever is in the dload folder of the SDcard cand apply it.
  3. I'm pretty sure that Wi-Fi tether comes standard through a Huawei program with the U8100. When you plug it in through your USB port, it should mount itself as a CD drive and offer the installation of a "Android Wireless Internet". You can use that application to tether. As for rooting, I used the Superboot for the Pulse Mini, which worked for me.
  4. Hi guys. Wind released the U8100 last week. Even though they're close cousins, I'm not certain the Pulse Mini ROMs will work for it, since it may be opperating at a different band frequency (full AWS) to run on Wind's network. I was able to root the device using Paul's SuperBoot though, and install a launcher to replace Huawei's Canvas. I am, however, getting problems removing stock apps. Though I have root, I can't seem to get permissions to ADB anything as a superuser. I get errors like "permission denied" and "adb root cannot run as root in production builds". So I'm pretty much lost, since the most tampering I've ever done with any computer stuff is trying making a texture pack for Morrowind. Any ideas what could be going wrong on my end? I'm looking to do just a few simple (well not for me, heh) things, like removing: Browser.apk .odex EmotionClockWidget.apk .odex FrenchPack.apk .odex Launcher.apk .odex HWTheme_Entertainment.apk .odex HWTheme_Social.apk .odex HWTheme_Work.apk .odex MyBookmarks.apk .odex MyCalendar.apk .odex MyEvents.apk .odex MyMemo.apk .odex MyVideo.apk .odex servosearch.apk .odex PhotoAblumWidget.apk .odex (Note the spelling error) TouchPal.apk .odex WeatherClock.apk .odex StaticPhotoFrame.apk.odex And replacing the stock Music application with Eliot Stocker's Music Mod 1.6. Any idea why I can't run ADB commands like mount, in order to remove these apps? Any help could be appreciated. I've also extracted what was in the phone and uploaded Huawei's updata file to a faster host, if anyone wants to take a look. I'm going to try to find out why I can't use adb to its fullest, despite having installed the full SDK, installed drivers, and rooted my phone. Edit: Haha, I must have been doing something wrong in the early hours of the morning, because adb works. I guess a decent sleep helps! Removed Huawei's locked apps, and the phone seems to perform better. I'm just glad ServoSearch is gone.
  5. Oh God! Haha! Well, I guess I have some spare time to try and learn all that - I seem to come across problems easily though. Can't use ADB mount/root because I don't have permissions, so I can't even simply remove the apks I wanted gone. Even though I do have root and superuser permissions. So I'm at a loss. Oh well, guess it's time to learn! :) Thanks.
  6. Hi gforums, I'm wondering, where did you learn to do this, and were did you start off? Like xdandroid, I have a U8100 (though it's AWS and version 9 from Canada), and I'm desperate to try and create my own ROM based on the stock ROM, but removing a lot of the bloatware Huawei includes. What's the base ROM to use? Is it the one on the Huawei website? Any tips? Thanks.
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