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  1. Sorensiim

    Read this if your O2x Reboots!

    The problems are definitely SD-related, but for me they only started after flashing FR12, as I have none of the known "bad" apps installed. (fsecure, car home, etc). Now I'm running a bake from romkitchen.org, currently 27 hours without any FCs, reboots, stalls or hickups. With SD card mounted, apps installed to SD and everything. And that's with a Modaco kernel as the base of the rom :)
  2. Good point, but it seems that for many of us these reboots didn't happen before FR12, myself included. I'm now running a bake from romkitchen.org, but using Pauls Kernel, will try to move a few apps to the sd card and see what happens.
  3. I'm getting tons of reboots on FR12 as well, no Juice Defender, no fsecure, car home or anything. But I do have a 16gb card installed... Just moved all apps from the sd card to the internal memory, let's see if it helps.
  4. Way ahead of you - quoted the kitchen post, changed FR8 to FR10 and hit preview - then I cooked my rom from the preview of the quote of your post B) Modaco inception - A rom within a rom within a rom.
  5. Still says FR8 here, no matter how many times I hit CTRL-F5 :D
  6. Do you have Java installed? What kind of Anti Virus are you running? Some routers can be configured to block scripts (which is insane) - could that be it?
  7. 1 - Don't quote the entire kitchen, that post is HUGE! 2 - Check the options you want, then click the oven, wait a few seconds and your download should start. 3 - If you can't see the options, take a screenshot and post it here :D
  8. My battery seems to be free falling... After 8 hours in the charger over night, it dips to 98% the second I unplug it, 10 minutes of twitter has it down to 90%. I've been running TONS of hacks and custom kernels, mods, updates and stuff so I think it's time for me to do a full nvflash and start over :D Paul, got an ETA on FR9?
  9. That's the beauty of the kitchen - I prefer the original calendar, so that's what I add to my bakes :D
  10. Sorensiim

    6 Apr r1: SQLite performance enhancement

    Imagine if somebody combined this fix with a barebones FR7 mcr bake and the OC kernel from XDA. All known tweaks, running at 1400Mhz could be fun... For benchmarking, and not much else :D Will be installing this as soon as I'm done copying roughly 5 metric tons of crap to my microsd - All phones should come with USB3 and 160gb of 6 GPBS internal storage, yet maintain their current size and battery life. And have them make coffe too, while you're at it. Edit: Lol, look at the post above mine. If Quadrant was an olympic disciplin, all Modaco users would be asked to supply urine samples.
  11. Sorensiim

    5 Apr: MCR Performance Audit (archive)

    Sounds like somebody just found the secret ENABLE_BOTH_CORES switch ...F5'ing like mad here.
  12. My phone just rebooted while lying on my desk. Untouched, doing nothing. From black screen to LG boot logo and then the LG/Modaco boot animation... :D
  13. Have you tried signing in to google talk on the phone?
  14. I'm already unchecking most of the boxes in the kitchen so feature freeze is fine by me. Gingerbread > More features, any day. A few trimmings and tweaks along the way will be fine too B)

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