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  1. Awesome! <3 My Nexus S already can't wait for its new friend. I'd give it a name and make it run Android, or some Linux, or everything. I'd hook it up to my toaster.
  2. I won't update anything until Wednesday. Writing exams. :D The new wifi driver shouldn't change anything
  3. Will be our next task, first get everything right with .32 :D
  4. All changes till now are in v5, no need to compile it on your own
  5. This isn't just my work, thank everyone behind CM7 :D There's no timetable when what will happen. If these features are tested enough they get merged. The smartass governor is merged already... just as an example.
  6. Nightlies get compiled from the stable kernel branch
  7. Yes, because this is built from Toms GitHub. :D I will try to keep up with all fixes from the stable branch, adding all changes from the experimental branch.
  8. I am, more or less, in the CM7 Team. Those patches just became part of the official experimental branch and I'll update this topic every time something important changed. :D
  9. Instead of waiting, open Google and search for it. Would be way faster.
  10. Thanks a lot, I'll mirror it and attach it to the top post :(
  11. I also got the BASE lutea... :( Thanks to wbaw.. make sure you do the following: tick "Always use proximity" in call settings.This fixes the proximity sensor issue
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