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  1. none of the 'Buy' (for free) apps (with 100 coins) are shown as free for me :-( only some of the apps (with 20 coins) are shown as free. even the free £2 voucher is sold out. so i now have a grand total of 180 coins!
  2. been waiting for kitkat, which google promised was much more resource efficient. can't wait till 4.4 becomes stable enough for regular use.. till then i'll happily remain on gingerbread.
  3. i still think this is the best rom (in terms of performance, battery and efficiency) for my blade :) thanks konstat wonder if any still use it, and if there are any new issues to worry about?
  4. and htc wonder why they are losing customers
  5. i've seen usb ports starting on appear on wall sockets. i think that is going to gain traction fast as more consumers adapt.. :-)
  6. not all satnavs read out street names, but those which do need tts. also, i have apps which speak out the incoming caller names and read out incoming text messages. they are handy, when i am home or driving. copilot seems to be working now, but not talking to me. i can't hear anything. my other apps seem to be working. if you don't plan to have tts in your build, it might be a good idea to have a tts zip file. i would have it with just english. tts is useful. not much in size, doesn't run in the background, as they are just libs and data. other languages can be downloaded from market/play or whatever google calls it now (i still use market v1.82 - perfect in size and non-bloatware, though i prefer f-droid)
  7. didn't work i copied both those files from Assortment_EcoCM7.zip to /system/adb in recovery. wiped dalvik/cache and rebooted. trying to initialise tts resulted in me being taken to google market to install Speech Synthesis Data. did that. now settings -> tts doesn't crash. but doesn't work either. can't hear anything. i ported those two files from cm7.2 stable along with two libs - libttssynthproxy.so libttspico.so - in /system/lib and the whole of /system/tts. testing it seems to work initially. don't really know how to test everything. i don't need other languages. so i will the remove everything else from /system/tts except english. adding about a meg to eco.
  8. thanks for the prompt response. i had a look at cm7.2 and it seems that contains a few more bits n bobs - a few libs in /system/lib and /system/tts. do you know if those are needed too?
  9. hi jventura, thanks for your mod. i am facing one visible problem - have you taken out tts? my copilot satnav flips out half-way through loading. some other apps crash too. then i suspected that tts might be missing. i just confirmed. settings -> voice input & output -> text-to-speech settings -> force close. any chance you could put it back - even if only english? atleast those apps that depend on it will start.
  10. I recommend Zeam Launcher and/or Simple Home (by Aina). I have both installed but use Simple Home as default. Thank you for your work!
  11. toti, sorry i have been v.busy and away from this forum. i think it's time for job hunting again. so i can't really hack my phone and possibly be without reception for any length of time. i agree with you that camera.apk is probably not our problem. it is the same camera.apk that works on all others. as long as we use the same framework, all apks should work similarly. the cpp is not specific to any device, and so i don't suspect any problem with that, but how our rom/kernel/driver calls the hardware. i suspect kernel/driver. in one of my other threads, i have listed a lot of kernel messages, and my interpretation. perhaps that could give some clues. i also agree with you that the fault could possibly lie with camera service, or rather how it is called. if you look at other cyanogen roms, there seems to be a "camera client" in the system libs, but i see none in this rom. how does a service work without a client? i think this could be our issue! i hope some of you would have more succes than me. does anyone know, if the .so files in /system/lib are device specific? i tried to port the camera client from one of the other mdpi cm6 roms, but i wasn't successful. :-(
  12. toti, you seem to be getting close. good work on troubleshooting.... when i was looking at our camera issue, i checked logcat and was thinking the same. i was also suspecting the camer service. so i opened up one of the newish cm6.1.2 roms, and compared the system libs. i found a camera_client in there, which is not in our rom. could this be a possible issue? then i got busy at work, and couldn't really play with this phone as i don't have a spare. i think it is the client call which triggers the lock and release. our rom might or might not be using a client, but then something needs to lock and release the lock. if lock release is not cleanly handled, the next attempt at hardware access is denied by android. so no further hardware access, till the app supposedly accessing that resource releases it. hence, further attempts at using the camera app are unsuccessful, till after a reboot. http://developer.android.com/reference/and...are/Camera.html public final void unlock () Since: API Level 5 Unlocks the camera to allow another process to access it. Normally, the camera is locked to the process with an active Camera object until release() is called. To allow rapid handoff between processes, you can call this method to release the camera temporarily for another process to use; once the other process is done you can call reconnect() to reclaim the camera. This must be done before calling setCamera(Camera). If you are not recording video, you probably do not need this method. Throws RuntimeException if the camera cannot be unlocked. so i suspect the exception is caused by the camera app calling unavailable functions/libraries incorrectly. can anyone check how our huawei rom's camera app used those libraries?
  13. are you working without gapps? could you perhaps elaborate, what your alternate style of working is - without gapps? gapps in the market are total bloatware, and i never update from market. i think i don't need most of the gapps. i only need my phone contacts synced, and perhaps calendar. and not sync automatically all the time whenever google wants, but rather manual sync, when i think i need to! all the other google goodies work better in the mobile browser. ah right, in settings/accessibility. thanks! richard, i'll pm you my email. but, i second antonio on his git recommendation. if it works like a version control, that would be far preferable than manual updates. three is v.manageable, more people and we'll have serious problems with multiple simultaneous edits. i haven't used the online gits. perhaps antonio could enlighten us. i remember in a previous post him volunteering to teach us all about git? :-)
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