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  1. Hi! I had do it because I needed to send back my phone to repair so it's working fine. http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...your-htc-desire See ya
  2. Hi! Try to test if the problem could be an SDcard supply power. Just copy data on it and unplug. Do you find them after? You could use it in a camera (for example). Try to unplug your battery and check if your files are in the SD card on ypour computer. Maybe your phone wipe the Sd card when you turn on it! Hope I could be usefull.
  3. Hi! I had wifi problem with this ROM with several ROMradio version. So I keep this Kernel option checked and it work fine now. You right :) Thx.
  4. Hi! I prefer CyanogenMod7 than Oxygen2. But it could be really good to have a kitchen about these ROM. Bye!
  5. Oxygen 2.0.1 run with Ginerbread (version 2.3.3 if I don't make a mistake). It's less beautiful and have less widget. Personnaly I prefer Sense IHM but you can install several soft to have a Sense look like. Just test it... and make your own choice. here a link to xda about this ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=829734.
  6. Hi! This ROM work very well with the new ROM radio. I tried Oxygen 2.0.1 with the same ROM radio and the battery life was better but I prefer the Sense touch ;-) Thank you Paul
  7. Hi! I'm using the version on a R9 and all works fine. Try to wipe your phone an re-install it... Hope you will fix it closely
  8. So cool. Because, this is a kind to cook a ROM ;)
  9. Hey! Did you mean that you can customize an Oxygen or Paul's one (for example) ROM: remove or add soft after cooking? It's so cool...
  10. lucier


    Hi! Do you check your APN configuration. Try to config it manually... see ya
  11. I love Modaco kitchen too that's why it very difficult to find an other best ROM. I'm looking for an other kind of Madaco's kitchen but for an other ROM like Oxygen (delete friendstream, light, calculator, add adfree, etc....)
  12. Could you tell me which one? I tried several: 23/Nov r24 - NO SENSE: MoDaCo Custom ROM for HTC Desire with Online Kitchen (2.2 / FRG83D) good with launcher pro but led bug, etc... 22/Oct r9 - WITH SENSE: MoDaCo Custom ROM for HTC Desire with Online Kitchen (2.2 / Froyo) really cool 08/Nov 2.29.405.2 - HTC Desire Stock ROM Kitchen the one I have actually
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