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  1. 7!!! Days a long Time? It's voluntary work Paul is doing here! And he's doing very good. Enjoy what you get, and be a little bit patient :P He's got a life and a wife :rolleyes: PS: @Paul you are doing great work!
  2. It's not only you, had 2 reboots the last 2 nights, I was lucky Alarm Clock works without entering the PIN for the SIM.
  3. Hi, i selected CP USB and plugged the phone into the Computer. No reboot needed. That way i got the "Mass Storage option back" I am currently using FR18 B2 and it works like a charm, no more Battery Drain, good performance, best ROM so far!
  4. I had the same problem, it was solved by changing the USB Mode manualy in Hidden Settings "Port Setting" Then my Computer recognized the Phone again.
  5. Press f8 on boot disable Driver Signature Check Start smart Flash tool Boot phone without Battery and power vol. down Should work now maybe you have to fill in 0 in #Channels Worked for me!
  6. Even at 816 mhz with SetCPU and some apps running i get still 2600 (Rollback Kernel installed) Nice work Pau very Nice! No more Browser Hickups on Wifi i love it!
  7. NV-Flash will help you to get your StockROM Back. See this Thread for further information; http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optim...062-15-03-2011/
  8. Had the same Problem, a full Wipe and reiinstallation of all apps did the Job, ROM seems tu run a lot smoother now. Games etc. did not work when i used the restore function of TitanBackup.
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