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  1. Thanks :D ima write one up on installing linux on gt540 too however i kinda trashed my install so ive gota work out a few things
  2. check out my guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1015532
  3. hea man i just wrote a guide on this http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-gt540...oid-full-guide/
  4. Well this guide was missing and its a bit of pain to figure out if your a newbie around here :D Ok the way we are doing this is 2.1 -> 2.2 fastboot -> 2.3.3 Download this http://www.mediafire.com/?imautlh0m29cl2t Put your phone into download mode 1. Take out battery 2. put in battery 3. hold down volume down and hit poweron 4. screen should display Download mode or Emergency mode depending on rom Extract it to your pc and run kdz_fw_upd Choose 3gqct as the type and diag as the mode then hit flash Please note that you DO NOT have to let this flash finish (BUT IT IS EXTREMLY RECOMMENDED.. takes forever on this rom tho lol) as we only need the fastboot part of it so leave it flashing for a few mins then remove the phone the updater software will come up with a few errors but just ignore them Ok now we need the latest Recovery version of the swiftdroid software Since i used 1.8 i will use this in this tutorial Download http://runescape.bz/gt540/SwiftDroid_v1.8_recovery.7z Please note i uploaded the rom to my own site as it took me 3 hours to download from the hosting sites.. Ok extract the above file to your pc Now put your phone into fastboot mode 1. take out battery 2. put in battery 3.hold in camera button and press power on 4. keep camera button pressed until lg logo disapears and it shows a blank screen Now open where you extracted the above 7z archive to and run the flash_recovery.bat file What this does is flash cyanogenmod recovery to your phone which is a great tool for updating firmwares and restoring from bricks B) Ok now take the update-cm-7.0.0-RC2-GT540-MUR4IK-signed.zip file and copy it to the root of your phones sd card rename it to update.zip Now we will put the phone into recovery mode 1.take out battery 2. put in battery 3. hold down home button and press poweron 4. keep holding down the home button until the cyanogenmod recovery menu pops up (it takes a while..) Now to install the 2.3 rom press volume down until "install zip from sdcard" is selected then press the camera button then press the camera button on "apply /sdcard/update.zip" then choose yes and press the camera button Now this part will take a while (around 5-20mins) it will say flash complete when finished Reboot your phone and it should load up the skateboard logo this will appear to hang for about 5mins as its regenerating the home file system or something Now with any luck you have 2.3 installed on your phone Tips.. When it loads it will ask you to slide the keyboard( lol what keyboard) the workaround this is to exit out of that part and sign in with ur google login in the market this will activate all the google apps and give you options to download gmail etc If after 20mins it still doesnt boot load back into recovery mode and do "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" Post any problems / comments :D my first guide ;)
  5. tesco mobile piggyback off of o2s network so that will explain that.. im on o2 uk and it works fine for me, can you make calls alright?
  6. ive taken a flashed phone to a service center before they give u evils but they dont realy care B)
  7. Is there a flash or flashlite for swiftdroid yet?
  8. yer i had that too the walkaround is to exit out of that window and set it up using the market app :D
  9. having alot of issues using wpa access points with 1.8 Any ideas?
  10. not a modaco but theres a cyanogen http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-gt540...tdroid-project/
  11. not too sure how you missed this.. http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-gt540...tdroid-project/
  12. Updated to swiftdroid re entered my apn settings yet its still not connecting network o2-uk anyone got any other things i can try
  13. ok got it to load now i get slide keyboard open to continue when running the setup wizzard ofcorse the gt540 doesnt have a keyboard.. HALP
  14. After installing swiftdroid it seems to hang on the boot logo (swidtdroid gt540) now on the cyanogen mod7 logo.. taking forever
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