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  1. backstreetb

    Advent 4211 recovery - appeal for help!

    Have got the infamous Advent4211 somehow (too many beverages) stuck in " Missing operating system" mode! Think buying the cd from techguys may solve the prob but wrried I may be wasting my cash. Can get it to start in boot menu and have tried usb floppy boot using xp sp2 but will only load 1st floppy. 2nd gives error 7 message. Could be bios prob or..... Any ideas ?? Ta.
  2. backstreetb

    ADVENT 4211 Again...

    Thought I was immune from all this when I prepared my boot usb! LOST IT!! Like many before I have screwed my netbook which now happily tells me " Missing operating system" and freezing. I've tried various option - creating w98 boot usb etc but no joy. Before I invest in [email protected]@s 35 quid disc, has anyone had a similar message and been able to download said disc onto usb,then successfully start the machine? Or got the time to pm me the download? Many thanks.

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