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  1. Hi Paul, any chance of the nav bar options in the kitchen for the next build? It's the only thing I'm missing. Thanks
  2. Hi Paul, Really like this ROM so far - definitely the best of both worlds. The only thing I miss is having the navigation bar on the right in landscape. Any chance of having that option in this ROM? S
  3. simhal


    Hi Paul, Just got a warning that something on this site contains the following malware: http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/threat/encyclopedia/entry.aspx?name=Exploit%3aJS%2fBlacole.GB&threatid=2147657386 It was on the Nexus 7 Jr13 thread, page 38 - something created a popup ad. S
  4. That would explain that then. I'll just remove it from the list. Thanks.
  5. Hi Paul, I've just installed Jr13 and this fix doesn't seem to be there. I still get the circle coming up from the bottom (long side) of the screen. Also, the torch option seems to crash the UI.
  6. I baked one about an hour ago and preloading doesn't seem to be there - no settings option and no downloading icon overlay.
  7. Just installed Jr9 prebake and have noticed a couple of things - YouTube doesn't seem to have the preload option and in landscape mode the softkeys are on the bottom of the screen. In the last one I tried (Jr6 I think) preload was there and the softkeys were on the right hand side. Is this an intentional change or is it me?
  8. I asked Paul on Twitter and he did say there would be another build when he had time. Hopefully it'll be soon as I'm waiting until it's out so I only have to migrate once.
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