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    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    I tried this on a rooted Nexus 4 running stock 4.2.1 this morning and it worked, but I switched to CM10.1 nightlies and now I'm getting the unsupported device message and it's failing to setup my device. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Hey Trip I haven't dug too deeply into it yet so sorry if this turns out to be clutter however have you noticed that code aurora has a msm8660 3.0 kernel branch? It seems to be enough to build the kernel however I can't find any of the binary blobs for the 3.0 kernel so I don't know if it's actually usable. If you check it out let me know (please and thanks)
  3. Or the easier option would be to backup /data before you flash the new rom, then restore it after flashing the rom
  4. EDIT: While I was repeating the steps to make sure it wasn't a fluke Ananthraj managed to beat me to it :P Oh well it's good when we work together :) Alright so I figured out how to fix Talk, the keyboard and the spelling issues, Install an ICS app bundle (there is one in this thread but I used the one from goo-inside.me) then wipe your cache dalvik cache and data. Talk Market keyboard and everything work!
  5. That's not a bug at all. As far as I know the source code for the MHL portion of the MSM8660 chip isn't open source and therefore wouldn't be in the AOSP build of ICS. There is a strong possibility that we won't have MHL until HTC releases their ICS builds. I had this issue too, look at the status bar and see if you see a little triangle with a '!' point in it. Then pull down the status bar and grant permission to the offending app. For some reason you need to approve every app that uses your google account this way (I've encounter this with G+ G music and G reader so far)
  6. Yeah Trip that's one bug I've noticed, apps that need egl blow up when you rotate the phone, maps and google music are two prime examples. Maps shows weird lines and GMusic force closes
  7. Has anyone figured out how to get Google Talk working? I tried it from this pack http://goo-inside.me...-20111125-2.zip and it crashes when I try and select my account. It reports an error (via adb) NEEDS GTalk_SERVICE neither 10043 or current user has permission. I cleared data and ran the fix_permissions script from recovery but neither works. Anyone have some ideas I could try? I just asked the same thing two replies above yours, he said no.
  8. Hey Trip, what's going on with the USB storage? Was the kernel built without usb gadgets or something? It seem that PTP MTP nor USB mass storage work. Great job though I appreciate your work so much

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