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  1. Is that a new baseband for JB? I am in the states with the GSM version and currently have the XXLA2 baseband (shipped with this baseband from play store). I am currently running 4.1 stock deodexed and have had no issues. Is there any reason to include that baseband?
  2. Try deleting the gmail alert and re adding it. I contacted the dev previously and he told me too try that after sending him a cat log and it fixed it for me.
  3. Running ir8 built from kitchen. Using facbook sync, oc/uv kernel, and then flashed hoolom circle mod. Today I was in the official facebook app, recieved a call, and the phone process force closed, then Google Voice force closed, and basically cascading force closes untill I rebooted. Has been running pretty flawless up untill this.
  4. Widget locker lets you do just that, pick any shortcut and put widgets on the screen.
  5. I really love this phone, ICS, and the tweaks in this ROM. I do have 2 tweaks i would like to propose for the launcher. Would it be possible to modify the stock launcher to allow 7 homescreens, and the ability to remove the quick search bar from every homescreen? I like the quick search bar but on every screen it is a bit overkill, especially with the newly added search button in the task bar.
  6. So what kernel do you suggest? I haven't been able to find a consensus on a good kernel that has OC, wifi, and hotspur working for r24.
  7. What kernel did you use. I had to switch back to launcher pro because sense was having massive issues. The phone would become completely unresponsive while in use and even when it wasn't in use at all. Nothing worse than picking up your phone and realizing you have no idea how long it had been inoperable. That along with the overall sluggishness of sense it was unbearable. I'm not sure if it is an issue with sense launcher or wifi our settings profile switching wifi on and off. To start I have switched to LP, keeping wifi off at all times, and deleted my profile to toggle wifi on at my home location. It has been within g flawless fire the last 2 days. Now I am going to leave wifi on when I get home and see if issues arise. But if you flashed another kernel and everything is working great then please let me know and I will try it out. Thanks.
  8. It shows up in Appbrain, but if you try to install it you get the message that it is unavailable. They must have pulled it or maybe their server was just down when I tried.
  9. Update: Used the fix by micromod777 and hotspot is now working properly. Great job micromod777! Lets hope this makes it into r25. Now if the lockups could get fixed and a stable overclocked kernel was added this would be the perfect Sense ROM for the N1. I did find the "barnacle" app in Appbrain but it was no longer available, FYI. Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. I posted this on the R21 release topic by mistake since I am running the r24 ROM...my apologies for posting twice, but this is probably the correct forum. I am having an issue with the hotspot functionality. When I try to turn it on I get this error: SoftapController-->Softap set - failed: -1 WifiService-->Exception in startAccessPoint() Hotspot worked fine on stock 2.2 and CM 6.0 stable, but after a wipe and install of this ROM I am having issues. I fixed an error of the etc/hosts file being blank already, but still get this error. Does anyone know where I should look to solve the access point issue? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
  11. So I looked in the Hosts file that was included in the Desire ROM and it contained " localhost". So I added this to the file and now I just get the first 2 errors above. Does anyone know what the "Exception in startAccessPoint()" could be or where I should look for this?
  12. I am having an issue with the wifi hotspot functionality. I worked fine on stock 2.2 and CM 6.0, but is not working on the Desire port. When I try to turn it on, it attempts it and then gets an error. Looking at the log I am getting these errors: SoftapController-->Softap set - failed: -1 WifiService-->Exception in startAccessPoint() dnsmasq-->failed to load names from /etc/hosts: No such file or directory When I go to the /etc/hosts file it exists but it is empty. Can anyone help me with resolving this issue? What is supposed to be in this file? I could post the full log if needed. Thanks, Austin
  13. Quick question about this kernel. Is it overclocked for the Nexus One? If not, is there any issues with flashing an overclocked kernel and running this ROM? I just installed this ROM and reinstalled SetCPU and it has the max showing as 528 MHz???
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