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  1. i've used a 128mb mmc card before on my E100... are you really using a mmc type not a RS-DV (Dual Voltage) version? :D
  2. now that you have a SuperCID, not only downgrading the rom... but also using rom from a different brand/telco...
  3. please follow the link that i posted HERE...
  4. AFAIK the procedure can only be done on a normal mode as there's a file (cert.cab) that needs to be installed in the unit...
  5. @roscoe141 if pricing is not much of an issue to you, then why not get a Imate SPJAS instead?
  6. 1. AFAIK, you have the latest ROM version... 2. never heard of it as the Orange ROM version works on the different telco... 3. yes it can! but i'm afraid that this topic should not be entertained here...
  7. please read HERE the tutorial made by MVP Ashley Warner...
  8. Resco Explorer 2005 can do it while it's in your device...
  9. or try to download again the same rom file...
  10. there's none so far that i can remember...
  11. in phone memory; \Storage\Application Data\Sounds folder if you have memory card; \Storage Card\My Documents folder
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