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  1. :D desculpa Antonio, o pouco de ingless que eu sei eh pessimo uahhuauha... mas o que queria perguntar é que mesmo atualizando meu aparelho com essa cyanogen minha kernel se manteve a 2.6.29 alem de muitos softwares nao identificarem ela como sendo a froyo mesmo.. por exemplo o flash player for android ... ele nao deixa instalar pois nao reconhece a versao do android como sendo a 2.2 entre outros programas...
  2. hey masters, the kernel 2.6.35 is to do change for pulse cyanogen? thanks for port the froyo for we mobile phones... yours is the best...
  3. Where is the portuguese brazil language??? :lol: dont have?
  4. how can i change de splash on huawei u8220 (Pulse from T-mobile)?? when i appy the splash1 a get the message: -------- edited: guys.. i found a waitting.rle into root directory at "adb shell" but when i replace the waitting.rle for modaco rle file do not change the screen.. the ramdisk return to a template when the cell phone reboot? procedure: # mount -o remount,rw / # cp waitting.rle /sdcard/ # rm -rf /waitting.rle # cp /sdcard/myrlefile.rle /waitting.rle ---- <pre> [[email protected] android-tools]# ./fastboot flash splash1 screen.565 sending 'splash1' (48 KB)... OKAY writing 'splash1'... FAILED (remote: partition does not exist) </pre>
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