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  1. Thanks for all the great responses, they really helped alot. Now I know why this site came so highly recommended.
  2. So could I get you to move this thread to that section please, or should I repost in that section? Thanks
  3. Ok, guys, first things first. Hello, my name is Justin, I am a complete noob at WinMo phones. I have tons of experience with iPhone and Android but the hd2 is my first WinMo phone. Your forums came really highly recommended. I have tried everything I know to unbrick and everyone says that if it is at all humanly possible the MoDaCo can do it. So here I am throwing myself upon the mercy of the board. Please help. Ok, so here's my story. I purchased the htc hd2 from a local seller who said that the phone had been unlocked for use on any GSM provider. I am AT&TUS and the phone was a TMOUS. My sim card worked in the phone as expected but in true "fix it till it's broke" fashion, I decided that I would attempt to load Android onto the device. I was able to pull that off with no issues. It ran beautifully, I then traded the phone with a friend and explained to him how it worked. Well after a few days use he decided he'd rather just have the WinMo back on the phone the way it was originally so I googled how to do that and through xda-developers I was referred to a site called Unlokr. I went there and it had a brief tutorial on how to restore along with all of the ROM's needed. Well I saw the TMOUS rom but right below that was one labeled UNBRANDED. This caught my attention. I figured since neither of us were tmobile customers I'd just use the unbranded on there and get rid of all that tmobile stuff. Well the rom loaded perfect, the old htc logo came back then when it completely finished the screen went black and the device shut off. Hasn't come on since. I have tried everything. The phone has no lights, no vibration, no charge light. When I plug into the computer the computer chirps as if it recognizes something being plugged in but the phone can't be seen in device manager, winmo sync, or any of the custom_ruu exe files. I am at wits end and I financially can't afford to pay HTC to fix the phone. Please help me. Your my last hope. Thanks so much for your time
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