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  1. Well, I'm still working on it and found a new bug with iGO. With this ROM any of the TTS speech voices (those that actually say the road/street name) seem to work with my phone, I'm still trying to figure out why, LOL. Seems to me it's a skin related problem, WILD.
  2. Hey there, pretty nice work JN Foundation! I'm pretty lost here but I'm sure these are silly questions, though. 1) Everytime I try to change one of the Favorite Apps icon, I get a total crash. It says, and I quote: Well. After googling around I came accross the CAB file mentioned at http://rs992.rapidshare.com/files/38933159...sages.EN.wm.cab Once it's installed, the error message turned to be a simple mistake regarding the icon path. No matter where you place the icon or set the phone to look for it, the ROM always looks for it at \My Storage\Program Files\jntools\apps\My Storage. Once I left the icon there everything went pretty well! 2) How do I add system functions/settings to the favorite apps tab? It's a LONG WAY through a lot for icons if I simply need to turn Wifi off for example. How can we bring the Wireless Manger, for instance, right to the favorite apps tab? Thanks a LOT for your work, it's really amazing!
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