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  1. Hello, good morning! How I can delete Vodafone icon or another icon from Start? Thanks.
  2. I've fix it replacing the original files with this one. Thanks andrew.mazlim!! silent_audio_files.rar
  3. Hello andrew.mazlim. I'll try to make what you say. If I delete the file "poweron.waw", will it work? Thanks.
  4. Excelent Rom!! Thanks from spain!! One question.....it's possible switch off intro music when switch on the mobile? or down volume for this intro? Thank.
  5. I've fix the problem with keyboard on new SMS with the program Advanced Configuration Tool 3.3. I've only change to enabled the "Auto deploy SIP" option in keyboard.
  6. Do you mean that there won´t be new roms and support? Another question.....Do you know how I can change the apps for the M2Dtp?
  7. Hello! h**p://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general-omnia-rom-discussion/289939/phone-bin-collection-free-download/ Bye.
  8. Hello again. What I have to do for flash phone.bin?
  9. Hello. Thanks for this excelent rom. I've a problem....I can't change mp3 ringtone for incoming phone call locate in My storage\My documents\My ringtones

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