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  1. Glad to read this, enjoy. It worked on my Omnia and my wife's also for over a year without any problems. :)
  2. LOL naw... never did like 6.5.3 :) enjoy, btw 2709 downloads of this rom now. not bad for an old man hahaha
  3. Time to move on. Have a new Galaxy S Advance so won't be supporting this rom anymore. You can still download it until I decide to take it down though. Thanks to all who had tried it out and hope it still is in use. :D
  4. S2U2 lockscreen gives you all the options you are wanting. Google search and you will find it along with instructions for it. Was my lockscreen of choice.
  5. Hmmm never heard of this one on my rom before. Did you also use the csc ebo file or just flash the pda. if that is case try flashing with the other files too from post 28, then do hard reset after flashing. hope this helps.
  6. Don't know where a cab for that would be but you can try my rom :D http://www.modaco.com/topic/348465-my-rom-i8000nxjj1-build-21916-rom-with-transparent-taskbars/#entry1843495
  7. that may be the case then. I have used this rom since I made it and never had a problem with the "X" Question tho, are you using Quick menu? Or htc task manager? If so there are settings that activate the X to close the programs. But if this is happening with any rom you install, there may be indeed a spot on the screen that has lost its touch ability. Sorry I can't think of anything more to help. Hope you find out what is going on...
  8. Try flashing this csc http://www.mediafire.com/?zspwjc3mwj5dx32 Hope it works. otherwise maybe good a full csc for nxjj1 rom... good luck and thanks
  9. yea, the reflash would do same as a hard reset after flashing... as for 3g, i never have used that so not sure how to fix, sorry...
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