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  1. I8000NXJJ1 build 21916 rom with Transparent Tasbars First I want to thank JacobN for his rom builder and for the files to make the build 21916. Also to all the chefs on Modaco which helped me to learn about rom building. And to bobhero for the EzInput keyboard which I prefer over any other keyboard and the Sip menu changer . I use this rom daily with no troubles. Lots of free ram always and most stable. I give the disclaimer that I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong though, you install this at your own risk. I made this for my own use, but have seen some who want transparent taskbars so thought I would share it is all. Enjoy. Included in the rom: Adobe Flash 2.1 EzInput Sip Menu Changer (you need to go to this to activate the full keyboard in the EzInput 2.1) HTC EzInput 2.1 Keyboard (with camera button fix) Windows Live Adobe Reader Audio Note (Recorder) Auto Rotation Call Log File Manager (My Files) File Explorer Fm Radio Games Java Newer Main Menu New Camera with date and time in file name Samsung Photo Album Calculator Phonebook Smart Converter Smart Memo Smart Sync Samsung SMS-MMS Samsung Task Switcher Touch Calender (Schedule) Touch Clock Touch Player You Tube Office Mobile 2010 Security Off Auto Close Patch CeleTask Rotate Left Screen Capture Soft Reset NetCF 3.5 Transparent Taskbars My own Start screen and welcomehead... There is only the Windows Today UI in this rom, Chome and Samsung Today are removed. Also no Samsung keyboards. If any other program is not listed above it also is not in the rom. Here is a screenshot after I installed a metro taskbar from XDA.... attached :D (found it hehe) Here is the download link. I only have account with mediafire sorry, if anyone wants to mirror this go ahead. Download Rom PagePool is 6 meg which is plenty for the rom. On first boot there is about 95 megs free ram and 240 megs free space. Remember to go to the EzInput Sip Menu Changer and select Full QWERTY keyboard. One thing to do after flashing this rom, make sure to do a hard reset immediately to make sure there is nothing from the previous one you had on your phone still there. Thanks to Umpal for reminding some to do this but I felt I should add this to the first post. If you are not getting your sms or you see 2 message folders, then the hard reset will correct that. It isn't a fault of the rom but just how things work when flashing phones... always do a hard reset. B) Enjoy.... Its my personal rom and hope you like it!! Let me know what you think, will appreciate any comments or suggestions (not that I can promise anything else LOL) Here is the metro taskbar cab. It will be a bit different from my screenshot as I did a little bit of editing on a couple of the DLL files in it... (if you want the dll files I edited, send me a PM and I will give them to you...) MetroTaskbar.cab :D And a thank you would be most appreciated....
  2. Glad to read this, enjoy. It worked on my Omnia and my wife's also for over a year without any problems. :)
  3. LOL naw... never did like 6.5.3 :) enjoy, btw 2709 downloads of this rom now. not bad for an old man hahaha
  4. Time to move on. Have a new Galaxy S Advance so won't be supporting this rom anymore. You can still download it until I decide to take it down though. Thanks to all who had tried it out and hope it still is in use. :D
  5. Great :D glad it worked out for you... enjoy
  6. S2U2 lockscreen gives you all the options you are wanting. Google search and you will find it along with instructions for it. Was my lockscreen of choice.
  7. Hmmm never heard of this one on my rom before. Did you also use the csc ebo file or just flash the pda. if that is case try flashing with the other files too from post 28, then do hard reset after flashing. hope this helps.
  8. Don't know where a cab for that would be but you can try my rom :D http://www.modaco.com/topic/348465-my-rom-i8000nxjj1-build-21916-rom-with-transparent-taskbars/#entry1843495
  9. that may be the case then. I have used this rom since I made it and never had a problem with the "X" Question tho, are you using Quick menu? Or htc task manager? If so there are settings that activate the X to close the programs. But if this is happening with any rom you install, there may be indeed a spot on the screen that has lost its touch ability. Sorry I can't think of anything more to help. Hope you find out what is going on...
  10. Most welcome and glad you enjoy it too....
  11. Hi, have you installed a custom taskbar?
  12. Try flashing this csc http://www.mediafire.com/?zspwjc3mwj5dx32 Hope it works. otherwise maybe good a full csc for nxjj1 rom... good luck and thanks
  13. Password? there is no password on the files....
  14. yea, the reflash would do same as a hard reset after flashing... as for 3g, i never have used that so not sure how to fix, sorry...
  15. Here is the csc, eb0, and phone.bin files for my rom. They are thanks to Jacob's rombuilder and work well with the rom I made. Hope this helps you decide. If you do flash your phone remember to do a hard reset to make sure all is up to date with the new rom and stuff. DownloadHere
  16. Hi there, thanks for the interest. I not sure the rom will work on a B7610 as I haven't got one. It was made for the Omnia II GT-I8000 so flash at your own risk as I have no way to test it on your phone model. If you go ahead and it works, let me know, I am kinda curious LOL....
  17. :D woohoo 1000 downloads hehe... hope all are enjoying this as I am.
  18. I too had the problem of my wifi disappearing from my phone recently and was most puzzled. I had just installed a rom made with Jacob's rom builder and the first time I rebooted without the phone being connected to my computer the wifi had disappeared. So off to Google I went and found a couple of solutions. The first was to install WiFiProfiler and make a new setting. But that made it so that my wifi would turn on anytime by itself which I didn't like due to power drain. I then found some good information on XDA, where someone had made a connection manager plugin for Titanium. See it here On that page he also stated the problem comes from the installation of Mortscript 4.2 which I had just installed on my phone so another program could work. Sure enough when I checked the registry as per his information my setting was "0" and I changed it to "1" and presto my wifi was back. Here are the registry settings from his page for quick reference: Bluetooth HKLM\System\State\Hardware\Bluetooth 8=OFF 9=On 11=Discoverable mode Wifi HKLM\System\State\Hardware\Wifi 1,5=Off 3=wifi: unavailable 11,17=wifi: available 19,23=Connected Phone HKLM\System\State\Phone\Radio Ready State 0=Off 11=Searching 15,31=Connected Data HKLM\System\State\Connections\Cellular\Count 0=Off 1=On I hope that this is of some help to anyone with this problem. I am pretty sure this is the main cause of wifi disappearing in our Omnia II with 6.5 running. If you have experiences with wifi disappearing for this reason or any other, I hope you will share what was the cause and how you got it fixed. I love my Omina II, I love Windows Mobile too and have no desire to go to Android or Iphone or any other system. :D A big thanks and greets to all the chef's and people who have developed so many good programs that make my phone fun still, even after having for over a year.
  19. Try this program... it has an Audio User Interface and a button to set things back to default: Smart23.CAB Hope it works, its a great tool.
  20. Here you go: PIMBackup.zip :D

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