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  1. uhm, i think we can! But right now have a little body use I8000! So i think we have develop-er!
  2. Thanks You So MUCH :) Can you make a rom have Cookie 2.0 like Rom's MS Team! Thanks you again B)
  3. Hello! thanks I am using your ROM, It's Ultra Rom but it have not PhoneBOOK? Can I get phonebook in where?
  4. hello nice to meet you!

  5. i can't download in that host? Can team up load to another host? Megaupload and mediafire for example ? :)(
  6. While the machine up it says 101% Flash, so then there is no USB connection anymore and worse of all, I do not know that it's in Korean Korean show: | now do not know where to change the language at all: ( And if the PC is not connected then how UPROM are: (
  7. okie i Complete it. Sh.. Cool Ilove this rom so much hey MS team Can you upload rom to Megaupload? And i think you should add CSC Eboot and phone you choose on the 1st page for new member find it easy
  8. I use the following: CSC_I8000NXXJI1.CSC Eboot_I8000NXXJI1_HW_40.eb0 MS Team windroid 29017.nb0 Phone_I8000XXJF1 But when it detect and connect the instrumentation OCTANS Downloader v2.14 does not work. So I could no rom is Up? Can you help?
  9. So why not have your file Phone_I8000XXJJ1.bin? We really need it?
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