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  1. Shadowfactor

    ADB help. Please!!!!

  2. Shadowfactor

    ADB help. Please!!!!

    Like I've said a couple times, I DO NOT HAVE the ADB file under the tools folder. It's not there. Ive redownloaded the SDK twice and it just isnt there. Idk why. Can you upload the file for me please!
  3. Shadowfactor

    ADB help. Please!!!!

    What I'm trying to say is that in the SDK TOOLS FOLDER. I DO NOT have the ADB unix executable file..... I understand that I need to change directory via terminal to the tools folder of the SDK folder but until i have the ADB file in my tools folder, nothing I do is going to work.. Can someone please tell me how to download the ADB file (unix-exe) for macs.
  4. Shadowfactor

    ADB help. Please!!!!

    MAC OSX 10.6.5 Under the Tools folder. I'm missing the ADB unix exe... Idk why I dont have it
  5. Okay I've looked around the net forever and I CANNOT find anything about my issues. I'm probably missing the simplest thing. I'm trying to access ADB on my phone. I have the SDK installed. So I open terminal , locate the tools folder and type the ./adb command. Terminal gives me the error no such file or directory. What am I doing wrong ? On a side NOTE. In the Android SDK Tools folder. I do not see a ADB file. I redownloaded the SDK, still no ADB File.. Thanks!
  6. Shadowfactor


    No Changing the Baseband or installing any sort of firmware update will not allow the Streak to use T-mobile's 3G Network. Yes the Streak has a Quadband GSM Radio which supports Voice & EDGE data through T-mobile but the Streak DOES NOT have the right 3G radio for T-mobile ( Unless you have a BETA UNIT) The Streak along with many other AT&T Phones do not have the Right 3G radio Bands to work on T-mobile. At&T uses 850 mhz and 1900 mhz 3G Radio freq. T-mobile uses 1700 & 2100 at the same time, one for download, one for upload. Only the AWS Streak Beta Units will work on T-mobile 3G.
  7. Shadowfactor

    Sorry but I had to go...

    I currently have a streak and although I loved the 5 inch screen and the entire "feel" of the device. The faults of the device are getting more than I can bear anymore ( Dodgy screen, constant freezing/lockups, Calls being dropped during call waiting, slow UI. ) The battery life was quite impressive for a device with such a large screen I have to say. I just ordered a Nexus S and am switching to T-mobile, we'll see how it works out atleast I have 20 days to decide. I was really impressed with the Nexus S when I played around with the display model at best buy. Seems like a rock solid phone
  8. Shadowfactor

    Places to buy Nexus S

    Hello, I was thinking about buying a Nexus S, I currently own a Dell Streak. I ws curious about if any place OTHER THAN Bestbuy would carry the Nexus S ? I heard T-mobile stores would be getting the Nexus S on the 20th of December ? Can any one Confirm that or provide a different date ? Thanks!
  9. Shadowfactor

    Dell Streak Touch Screen Panel Quality

    I am currently not using a task killer. I am on Hyde's 1.5.1 Froyo build... I am Using a Skinomi screen protector, maybe that is the issue ? Any one have a screen protector recommendation ?
  10. Hey guys! Ever since I've owned my streak I've had issues with the Touch panel. It seems pretty flaky and seems dell sorta skimped on the quality of the streak's touch panel. The screen seems to work whenever it wants too. Sometimes it works perfectly without any sort of flaws. Other time's I want to hurl my phone across the room. I have re calibrated my screen through recovery. Seems to help for a bit but then the same old stuff happens The Main Issues I occur with my touch panel are: -Unresponsive- Screen doesn't respond when touched. Have to pull the battery ( sometimes several times in order to get the screen to respond again) -Screen Lag. -Screen Calibration Touching somewhere and it "hits" a different spot. Thanks for the Input guys!
  11. Called AT&T today, got my unlock code for my streak.. Pretty easy no questions asked. Question tho. How do I go about Unlocking it ? the AT&T Rep said that there was no instructions in the system about to unlock the phone ....??? :x seems fishy to me. If Someone could walk me thru unlocking a AT&T locked streak or post a link with instructions that would be fantastic. Thanks!
  12. Nice work! Two Questions: 1. Can you load the window animations by themselves and keep your current theme ? 2. If not, is there a way to get the Flip Window Animation with the Google Gingerbread theme ?
  13. Shadowfactor

    Dell Streak launcher Bar Icons

    I tried that. Under The Running Tab, The only thing that I see that could be a Home Launcher App is Dell Stage. I clicked the Force Stop Button and it greyed the selection out. I hit the Home Buttom, Launched like always, didnt ask for me to set a Home App choice. I found ADW.Launcher under manage Apps-Downloaded Tab- but Force Stop was already greyed out, the only choice was uninstall updates.. Under the Running Tab. The Following choices are : Keyboard, Android system, Beat. Widgets, Calender, Android.Applications, Android.userdictionary, Contacts storage, Dell Settings Storage, Dell Stage, Dell Sync, Dialer, Dialer Storage, Download manager, DRM protect,droidblock, email, gallery, gmail, google service framework, google voice, handcent, lookout, media storage, messaging, music, my uploADS, settings,settings storage, Social, where's my droid. Any ideas ?
  14. I'm running Hyde's 2.2 1.4.6 Build. I believe I choose Dell Stage as the Launcher when I first installed the latest update. My question is how do you reset the Home Launcher Choice ? ( i've looked under Manage Applications, googled the topic, etc) And Also How do you Change the Icons that are in the Launcher Bar ( Dell stage Launcher- The Icons are Phone and Internet) I tried dragging a home Icon onto the Launcher bar to change the icon but when I do that the Trash Icon appears and the icon never changes. Thanks guys!
  15. So I downloaded the Gingerbread Theme Add-on from the link on the fourms here. Copied to my Phone. Rebooted, Installed via Clockwork, Rebooted my Phone... Running Hyde's Froyo build 1.4.6 Phone Will not get past Dell Screen, It does display the Dell Logo Splash ( Purple Swirl thing) then goes back to the Regular Dell Logo... Any ideas before I do a factory reset or Reflash the Rom ? I've tried Rebooting Via Clockwork and pulling the battery.

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