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  1. Hi Guys, Got a Lumia 800 with 7.8 on it (taken from Navifirm) and all working fine (as it was using 7.5). However my operator in the UK (Orange) blocks teathering unless you have a special plan and pay more for it. Personally I find this disgusting as I don't require teathering per se - just ad hoc for testing the odd thing out. Therefore paying it not really an option as I don't need it on a monthly basis. Also I feel that I pay for 1Gb data allowance - surely I should be able to use that how I wish. When using Android, I used custom ROM's and could teather without problems. Anyone know how to bypass operator restrictions? If I put my SIM into a rooted Android device with custom ROM it works fine - seems like Orange have some killswitch applied to the WP device for Internet Sharing which only they can remove. Any ideas? Thanks - Steve
  2. Hi Guys, My friend has had her phone nicked so has fished out her "broken" HTC Desire. Can boot to network operator splash screen but just freezes there. If I try a normal recovery the same problem occurs. Was thinking of putting a MoDaCo ROM on it to give it a new lease of life - however at present this is a HTC Desire, locked to O2 (UK), and is unable to boot to the standard or recovery ROM. Done a few flashes before and no problems but I can't create a Goldcard as I can't boot the device. Not a noob, but as I've only rooted and ROM'd using the above a guide would be great - if at all possible, Any ideas? Cheers, Steve
  3. Thanks for the heads up guys. I'll check the Tucano site out.
  4. Oh - if there's any instructions on how to make a CWM package I'll happily spend some time in making it based on the Alpha3U2 build. Just need someone to point me in the right direction to get me started! :D
  5. Just brought one off eBay for £130 on the strength of the modding community. Used MoDaCo for baking custom HTC Desire ROM's in the past so just renewed my adfree (only fair if going to use this!) and when the Vega arrives tomorrow I'll slap VegaICS Alpha 3 with Update 2 on it straightaway and let you know how it goes. Big thanks to everyone for doing this.
  6. stevehoot

    Vega Cases

    Hi Guys, Have a Vega coming next week after getting one from DSG outlet on eBay yesterday. After playing with ROM's on here for my old HTC Desire (and now using a Nokia Lumia 800) I just can't wait to start playing with Android again. Plus it'll be my first tablet so double excited! Couple of things: I can't find any "offical" case / cover for it anywhere. I'm after something that'll double as a kickstand, leather and looks the part. Any recommendations? Also, is it worth while getting a screen protector for the Vega? Is it pretty resistant or should I splash out on a decent protector? And finally, anyone know what sort of SD card I should be looking at? Will it be able to take advantage of a class 10 or should I go with a class 4 instead? Can't wait to give ICS Alpha 3 a play as soon as I get it. Thanks, Steve
  7. stevehoot


    Please ignore me!!! Anyone else who had the same problem as me try this: http://android.modaco.com/topic/337380-beta-audi-automated-usb-driver-installer/ and
  8. stevehoot


    Hi Guys, Used to play wtih HTC Android ROMS off here a while back (using WinPho at the moment) and I've just treated myself to a Advent Vega off eBay. Hardware looks too good for £130!!! Just looks like the default ROM sucks. I'm happy to test using VegaICS Alpha 3 - however I can't seem to find any basic instructions on what apps I need to root it, goldcard, ADB, Clockwork etc. As I won't be getting it in the next couple of days I wanted a head start as to what tools I should have ready so I can start testing ROM's when it arrives. I've already downloaded VegaICS Alpha 3 but that's just an .exe that expects something (I presume the Vega) attached via USB. Is that honestly all there is to it?! Connect it and run an .exe!??!?!?! Sorry for such a noob post, just wanted some pointers other than where to find the actual ROMs. Cheers, Steve
  9. Just want to add my 2p worth. Just downloaded and installed R8 on my Orange HTC Desire after SIM unlock. Have tested picture, camera, GSM, Wifi, Marketplace, browser, messaging, facebook, Rosie/Sense, Gallery 3D, and phone with not a single problem. I'm mentioning this as I've had a number of ROM's (not from MoDaCo I should add!) where video recording and messaging have been wonky. (video recording froze the device and created a constant high pitch, high volume noise from the speaker until powered off!) Rock solid. Paul - you are to be commended; excellent ROM. Also (as I mentioned above) the radio works fine with my Orange (UK) network. (I have seen various posts about Orange being an issue with radio updates). Signal never stronger. Performance wise I'm getting 1285 on the Quadrant Standard Edition benchmark, which is just shy of the Nexus One on Froyo and a huge jump from the stock Desire on 2.1 which is reported at 510. Excellent build. AdFree or premium subscription worth every penny for the kitchen to get a tweaked version of this ROM.
  10. Using an Orange Desire (though obviously rooted, sim-unlocked and running this ROM) with the included radio ( and all working fine. In fact I can safely say that the signal is better after applying this ROM with radio update than it was with the stock Orange 2.1U1 ROM that it shipped with. No problems at all with it. Good ROM - EVERYTHING working fine so far. Nice work.
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