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  1. Did anyone encounter a problem that after a random reboot that Exchange security pin is not accepted? This makes the phone stuck on incoming calls only... It happened to me twice so I reverted to Froyo... even though the speed and battery life is amazing (I still need the PIN code after reboot... cannot wipe and recover every reboot...). Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I've just came up with another issue. I saw it twice (I wiped and re-applied the ROM the first time... now I'm thinking of reverting to Froyo...) After restart of the phone (when it is configured with Exchange server, and thus screen is locked with a PIN) the PIN set before the restart is not accepted and the phone is working only for incoming calls.... Any idea what is the "default" PIN number? Or why the value is not valid in next restart? 10x.
  3. Very fast ROM. Makes the desire scream for speed. Found an issue with "phonecard express" app. Worked fine on Froyo, but now instead of dialing the calling card access number is starts a "ussd code running" function which ultimately fails the dialing attempt. Any thoughts?
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