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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie here, btw I have tried the jan17 version, my first day of using it, it was fine. I love the whole ui. Same glitches encountered, white boxes are appearing in the weather animation which very minor. Plus my free ram was just 20mb and drops to 16 or worst 12mb even though I do not open any application, and everytime I tried to open youtube to watch video, it always pop-up a message of out of memory. Btw, the color scheme of the contacts of windows is quite weird. Black font color with dark brown background I can't almost read the contact details. I've also tried to twit and its working fine.
  2. Hi, I already change the registry from 4 to 8 and soft reset the fon. i dont see any changes in the connection. I think it even makes the pages load slower.
  3. Hi, I have installed the software (http://classic.pocketgear.com/software_detail.asp?id=16314) but the disadvantage of this one is that you have to set up the settings again and again if you want your display to turn off every after 30 seconds. I already set the settings in start>setting>display and light>screen off time to 30seconds but its not working. I hope theres a solution to this problem because every time I received a message and I did not notice it, it keeps my display on and its really burning my phone, its very very hot. thanks.
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