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  1. Greetings, right now im running the newest release of 7.2 (kudos to the devs, awesome job with 1st march update) I'd like some imput about _offline_ navigation software for pulse (actually u8230 for me), wich one has the best performace? For the moment im using my good old iGo, but it just doesnt feel responsive enough, its basically lagging behind my position most of the time :/. Any other suggestions, 2d/3d doesnt matter, all i need is speed! Thanks
  2. well, not on the pulse otherwise, enlighten me :)
  3. Read up quite a lot on the topic, didn't find anything useful but they are indeed 'connected' somehow
  4. ty for the replies, might buy me a few more years by not scaring me sh*tless every now and then :)
  5. did some research myself after reading your reply, realized i had it uninstalled haha guess im gona fix it somehow eventually thanks for the help! edit: yay, managed to dl the apk files for talk, signed out, back in, everything downloads instantly ty again
  6. Heya! A few days ago i tried to download some random app from the market, it wouldn't even start DLing, didn't pay much attention until today. Just realized that literally nothing would download at all, and nothing updates, 3g or wifi won't matter i can browse the market, read mails, browse the web, but no apps would ever download (i can install apk files ofc)? Any idea how to fix this? Treid to flash a gapps signed zip, didn't help either :s Pretty odd.
  7. Heya, recently it's been annoying me quite a lot is there a way to completely disable it? rbm2 rom, its really annoying cm 6.1 its scary as hell lol
  8. that is awesome news! please elaborate on this topic a LOT MORE maybe more red or bigger font? just an idea :)
  9. red button function can be fiddled with in spare parts OR get button remapper from xda developers, it is awesome
  10. well, all i am sure of i had the same apk installed on my other rom, and it worked
  11. didn't help for me Oo what rom are you using? 2.1 rbm?
  12. i am 100% sure it did run for me, and had lot better fps then igo, even navigon
  13. there is no such entry in my build.prop at all :unsure:
  14. Greetings, i just recently went back to the stock redbull rom (u8230 user) to realize that sygic aura navigation, that ran flawlessly on the pulse cm ports (3d best performance by far, better then igo, navigon etc), won't even start on RBM2 2.1 :unsure: 'We are sorry. Aura requires 3D hardware acceleration, which is not available in this phone.' error, witch smells BS to me. What can be done? Is there anyone able to run it under 2.1? replacement software that has good 3d performance and runs on android 2.1?
  15. Hey, is it just me or does live backgrounds (even some games), run a LOT more choppy on the 2.1 roms then the 2.2? Is there a fix for this issue? tyo Also, would love to have notification buttons (like in cm6) for 2.1, would be awesome. Basically these are the two things that make me using cm6 and not the rbm 2.1 rom.
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