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  1. Hi Im having some problems with formatting my cell over and over again... Is there a program that saves my contacts to the memory storage and import the contacts fast withouth a connection to the computer?
  2. rapid sorry to bother once again but do you have any idea why i keep getting this problem? I thought the problem was with the sd card so i removed it but it just happened again... if always freezes at the logon animation, the red one, and doesnt go from there... only turns off later with the same animation
  3. to start... once again.. aweome rom but I'm having a trouble... I've flashed the rom for the 5 th time cause it freezes at the beggining after the logo and doesnt do anything except turn off... does anyone have this problem as well? I think it usually happens everytime I use the SD card (where I have either files or the iGo software) is there a reason for that? thanks in advance
  4. just a question... I should install this new release with the EBOOT and Phone of JI original ones or can I use the latest ones JJ1?
  5. just a question... I should install this new release with the EBOOT and Phone of JI original ones or can I use the latest ones JJ1?
  6. did anyone else after a few reboots had to flash the o2 again? I had to do it again today cause after the boot logo from windows the o2 became totally blank and only turned offf ..
  7. hey Rapid! to start.... great job.... fast and with almost everything i need instead of other roms that have tons of stuff that just consume memory and battery... the thing is... when i turn the o2 to the side the keyboard doesnt expand... i mean, the keys dont get any bigger and larger... it just rotates the one i usually see... as you can imagine... it takes most of the screen and cant use anything... how do i correct this?
  8. yeah i kinda got to that now :D but i dont know why i dont see the office applications among other things that are listed for this rom... why is it? oh and I cant connect to NPS to put my contacts and all cause my pc says that my omnia II is in fact HTC Leo... how do i change this back?
  9. sorry to bother... but im looking for this exactely... but i have a question... all the programs and all are installed in this rom as well as the others right? the difference is that is doesnt use sense right?
  10. Hey I'm currently using NDrive to navigate and help get directions but now im going to do a roadtrip around europe and I'd like to know if there is any software that helps me navigate by foot instead of my car that doesnt require an internet connection so I can go to any point of interest. Thanks in advance! BTW can someone tell me the best configuration for the GPS?
  11. just awesome... I'm amazed by all this xD but just a question.. if i want to add braga or porto to the weather.. how can I ?
  12. I tried to check the rest of the topic but didnt quite found how to install another language in this rom... My goal is to have the portuguese language for writing messages more than have it on the display for the rest of the applications... thanks in advance
  13. hey to have the menus to back when they moved to the side and all, is it possible? Cause I like to hide some icons and with that it was easier to do so... and btw whenever I rotate while texting it doesnt change the layout of the keys... how can i fix that? thanks and sorry again xD
  14. is it me... but when i try to flash it there is no movinand file to use? :S
  15. sorry but might i flash this version with the JG5 CSC file so that I can have the portuguese language?
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