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  1. Now that a new kernel is in use is the lockscreen not responding problem fixed? I put rls4 on my wife's blade and she loves it but keeps getting the lockscreen problem (5 times in 1 day) so it would be great to know if rls5 fixes this or if I should put her back on eclair for the mean time
  2. Does this rom suffer from the 'touchscreen not responding' problem that Japanese Jellyfish does ? I put that on my wife's blade the other day and she has had to remove her battery 5 times yesterday because the touchscreen wouldn't respond when the phone woke up (it's a known issue with that rom)
  3. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some guidance from experienced Android devs - I have an O2 Joggler device which the original OS (am i'm being kind) is appauling. Work has been underway to get Android x86 working on this device and currently we have a working image of 1.6 on the joggler - the only problem is the graphics are very slow, this is because there is the worlds most hated GPU in the Joggler (GMA500). However - recently the official Android x86 guys have been working with a GMA500 device (Intel's S5 Viliv) which closely shares it's inners with the O2 Joggler and they have posted up a Froyo image with GMA500 support. I've tried myself (not really knowing what I'm doing) and a few other guys have also, and the image doesn't boot off the bat on the joggler (just sits at the jogglers EFI screen not displaying anything but the O2 logo) So, I'm looking for help from you guys as to what / if there is anything we can tweak to get this running like 1.6 (but hopefully with smooth graphics thanks to the new GMA500 support) I don't have much experience in Android dev'ing but I have a strong IT background and some linux experience - I'm willing to do whatever you guys can suggest to see if we can get this working. So, first question I guess is, what do you need to know to get the ball rolling? Here is some info on the joggler's hardware; http://jogglerwiki.info/index.php?title=Hardware The 1.6 Android Image (that works fine apart from slow graphics) ; http://jogglerwiki.info/index.php?title=An..._Prebuild_Image How that image was made; http://jogglerwiki.info/index.php?title=Build_Android_Image Android x86 Image for Viliv S5 (Has the GMA500 support we want!); http://android-x86.googlecode.com/files/s5_froyo_101008.img Any help you guys can offer would be madly appreciated by the joggler community, as Android is the perfect OS for the little device! Thanks
  4. The link generator seems to be down.. so here is mine; http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTY2MTgzNjM5 Cheers!
  5. For removing the Orange logo on the back, I remember that some guys used to use a sugar cube to rub away the O2 logo on the old XDA's.. so may be worth having a go with that?
  6. Swift_gti

    Problem with 2.1!

    Download the recovery image pack from the stickies and power on your phone while holding vol down and red. Now run 'fastboot-***(your os)*** boot ra-recovery.....img' (the file names are in the download) then do a wipe / restore etc..
  7. Swift_gti

    Android 2.1 for Pulse - from T-Mobile Hungary

    Am I now going to regret installing the UPDATA.APP that allows vibrate to work in 2.1 .. ? I'm guessing this probably isn't going to want to update that because it overwrote the Dec Update..
  8. Swift_gti

    15/May r6.1 - BigBearMDC and Paul's Pulse 2.1 ROM

    @BigBearMDC Did you see my last update yesterday ? May help with bringing your screen back to life ?
  9. Swift_gti

    15/May r6.1 - BigBearMDC and Paul's Pulse 2.1 ROM

    @BigBearMDC I have pulled apart the November firmware and find touchscreen upgrade which appears to be a script to write and read back from the touchscreen chip. I unyaffs the system.img and found the file inside a folder called 'touch', you could check your original 2.1 firmware and see if this folder is present ? If so, I have attached the November file - it may be possible to replace the 2.1 file with this and then re-apply the 2.1 with the 'update touchscreen option enabled' hopefully this would write back the older instructions to the chip. Worth a try ? touchscreen_upgrade.txt
  10. Swift_gti

    15/May r6.1 - BigBearMDC and Paul's Pulse 2.1 ROM

    I have just been doing some searching and it would appear that dd is in busybox for android. If we can figure out where the touchscreen firmware lives and it's read / writeable then I will try and get you an image of the one my device.
  11. Swift_gti

    15/May r6.1 - BigBearMDC and Paul's Pulse 2.1 ROM

    How about the other way round, can you edit the string on the actual device to replicate a 'pre december' device - ie. on your current system so that the upgrade thinks you are actually running the older version? Or, do the nandroid restore, then try to apply the Dec update ? I'm not sure where the device string is located though, but I intend to do some reading this afternoon and figure out if we can get you going again :)
  12. Swift_gti

    15/May r6.1 - BigBearMDC and Paul's Pulse 2.1 ROM

    Aha ok, now i'm with you guys :) So, is there anything we can provide to you BigBear from our Pulses with the older touchscreen firmware to allow you to 'downgrade' yours again ? Probably totally off whack but is it a device that we can see in the linux system and 'dd' an image that you can then write back to your phone (since you wouldn't need touchscreen to do that, because you could flash is over adb) ?
  13. Swift_gti

    15/May r6.1 - BigBearMDC and Paul's Pulse 2.1 ROM

    Hmm I see.. that is very odd. How on earth could a rom, which you then removed be interfering with the touchscreen? When or how exactly did it first die? Maybe the update or whatever that you applied has updated something on the phone that is not overwritten by the nandroid restore ?
  14. Swift_gti

    15/May r6.1 - BigBearMDC and Paul's Pulse 2.1 ROM

    BigBear, can you actually get the recovery image to boot on your phone using ./fastboot boot amon-ra-recovery.... ? If so, can you not do a nandroid restore ?
  15. Thanks klutsh, will be testing out your files when I get home :D

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