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    Or you could check out this thread over at XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1122959
  2. everunman

    [NEWS] Finnaly Honeycomb 3.0 on Galaxy TAB

    thanks curl66
  3. everunman

    Do you use your tab as a tablet or phone ?

    I use it as a tablet only, but its nice to have the phone function there for bragging purposes!
  4. everunman

    Usb charging solution

    Found this adapter that makes your usb cable into a charge only so you can charge the tab via usb or other usb chargers http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...#ht_1573wt_1141 I bought one and it works great
  5. everunman


    Thanks guys, cant see the forest for the trees!
  6. everunman


    Yes for sure once you add adobe pdf from market (free), they work well.
  7. everunman

    Letters in Postcodes

    What do you mean by caracter letter, can you post it on here from a pc?
  8. everunman

    I take it Paul isn't a fan?

    Id be interested in what you would like to see modded, once i rooted it its perfect now at least for me.
  9. everunman

    Problem on Android Market

    Click on market, then left hand bottom corner click apps, the click all applications and Top Paid is there
  10. everunman

    Question about touch wiz.

    Thanks for this, worth the 2pound 50p
  11. everunman

    Boxwave great customer service

    Just a follow up, i received the replacement and it fits great, recommended for sure
  12. I bought this silicon case, i know there are cheaper out there but Boxwave have always made great products http://www.amazon.com/BoxWave-Samsung-Gala...1820&sr=8-1 When i got it, it was too big but emailed them and they have had a few complaints and are shipping me a new better fitting replacement
  13. everunman

    ROOT @ Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Thanks for this, so easy to install, its not in the market anymore but you can get the apk from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=833953 Then i added adfree so much better playing angry birds with no adds Happy New Year All
  14. everunman

    Wifi issues - suggested solution?

    I have the same issue, i need to turn off my router and back on again, better than tab reset
  15. everunman

    My Galaxy Tab came with a SIM...

    was its old as new?
  16. everunman

    Samsung £200 freebies!

    Uk only!
  17. everunman

    A new case for samsung Galaxy Tab

    deleted as any link causes Advertising spam message
  18. everunman

    A new case for samsung Galaxy Tab

    Nice looking leather case/s on ebay, im not related in anyway to seller, just providing information here http://shop.ebay.com.au/easyhans/m.html?_n...1.c0.m270.l1313
  19. everunman

    A new case for samsung Galaxy Tab

    What have people bought already? not many options out there yet...............
  20. everunman

    FS Otter case Australia

    sale pending :P sold and posted 271010
  21. Im selling my Otter case, its brand new, prefer Australian buyer Its brand new, never taken from box Looking for aud$30 posted anywhere in Australia, payment via bank deposit or paypal (add $2 for their fee) have 100% ebay rating on 609 transactions, post your interest here and pm as well please
  22. Yes but Dell wont ship overseas, amazon seller will
  23. you can buy them unlocked from amazon uk, ship worldwide http://www.amazon.co.uk/STREAK-TABLET-FACT...3805&sr=8-1
  24. everunman

    Australian Streak on Optus

    Welcome fellow aussie, most of us here have imported streaks from the Uk that are locked to o2 network. I purchased a rebelsim, this works great here, i can see no reason why it wouldnt work on a locked Optus streak, i can use Optus, Telstra and 3 so far so good
  25. everunman

    Streak unlock code from China

    im in for a forum group discount

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