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  1. Here is Megafon Mint ICS firmware, taken from russian forum http://db.tt/3CfJkquV
  2. demoded

    Bad GPS on ICS

    Its strange because I was greatly surprised how San Diego quickly find and fix to satelites without any internet connection. I never hadn't inserted sim into it since i am located in Russia. But comparing with my HTC Desire, which couldn't fix to sappelites on my window and see only 3 sattelites, San Diego get ready at 3-5 minutes with 9 sattelites in view and fixed on 3 of them. Here a picture of it http://i.minus.com/ifyBhHHZZO8FX.jpg
  3. demoded

    Another San Diego?

    Very interesting engineering sample of Мегафон SP-A20i Mint in review http://habrahabr.ru/company/ulmart/blog/150436 with ICS and microSD
  4. demoded

    Another San Diego?

    i meant sim-unlocked.
  5. demoded

    Another San Diego?

    yes, you are right :) we call it 'root' or as it heard in russian 'рут' so you could google 'Мегафон SP-A20i Mint root' or 'Мегафон SP-A20i Mint рут' there are no information about flash, but Russian San Diego goes unlocked.

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