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  1. I've been holding out on getting the Vega for a while but with every other tablet coming with ridiculous price tags I think I might just take the plunge. It certainly helps the way Advent have embraced the community unlike other OEMS
  2. Having an issue with permroot on r14. Temproot takes fine and I can use to to access su in the terminal etc. When I click on permroot though it goes through the reboot but no root :/ Superuser is still there but nothing can get root persmissions... EDIT: (Rage also fails) This is on a VF branded Z with the following info: Hboot = 0.85.0005 Radio/baseband = 12.28b.60.140eU_26.03.02.26_M Build No. = Kernel = -g9d69527 [email protected] #1 Fri Oct 29 14:49:32 CST 2010 Both the Kernel and ROM are different from other versions. I can provide a dump if someone can tell me how to do it.
  3. I'm getting mine tomorrow so I can give the camera a run through and post some pics for you to see if that's any help?
  4. Do you mean the original Desire or the HD? The Z can be overclocked to ~1.7/1.8GHz, not sure about the GPU but the benchmarks look impressive even at 800MHz. The screen size is pretty much the same as the N1 and original Desire.
  5. I have a Nexus one at £35 p/m that has a long time left on it :rolleyes: My partner has a Tattoo at £25 p/m that she pays for but is under my name, technically this makes the Z a 3rd line but really only results in 2 for me. I also have a 3 MiFi so I'll just cancel that and only be paying £5 extra overall :huh: Also sweet talking just involved tweeting @VodafoneUKDeals on twitter and waiting for a call, downside is I'm having to wait for stock to turn up before they can confirm when I'll get it :huh:
  6. I got lucky with Vodafone and got it on contract for £20 p/m over 24 months...think it's normally £25 and I got it discounted since it was an extra line. Worth trying them on twitter though if you're looking for a decent deal
  7. Vodafone are definitely providing it direct but seem to have held off announcing it due to the delays with it shipping. I ordered mine yesterday through their web team so I'm just waiting for them to call back and tell me when I can get my hands on it.
  8. Standard Android IME? unless I'm just being dense and missed it :D
  9. Can't get over how good this is for a beta, can't wait to see the finished version after this :D
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