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  1. I've been holding out on getting the Vega for a while but with every other tablet coming with ridiculous price tags I think I might just take the plunge. It certainly helps the way Advent have embraced the community unlike other OEMS
  2. RyanMacG

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Having an issue with permroot on r14. Temproot takes fine and I can use to to access su in the terminal etc. When I click on permroot though it goes through the reboot but no root :/ Superuser is still there but nothing can get root persmissions... EDIT: (Rage also fails) This is on a VF branded Z with the following info: Hboot = 0.85.0005 Radio/baseband = 12.28b.60.140eU_26.03.02.26_M Build No. = Kernel = -g9d69527 [email protected] #1 Fri Oct 29 14:49:32 CST 2010 Both the Kernel and ROM are different from other versions. I can provide a dump if someone can tell me how to do it.
  3. RyanMacG

    desire z vs desire

    I'm getting mine tomorrow so I can give the camera a run through and post some pics for you to see if that's any help?
  4. RyanMacG

    desire z vs desire

    Do you mean the original Desire or the HD? The Z can be overclocked to ~1.7/1.8GHz, not sure about the GPU but the benchmarks look impressive even at 800MHz. The screen size is pretty much the same as the N1 and original Desire.
  5. RyanMacG

    To get a Desire Z or not?

    I have a Nexus one at £35 p/m that has a long time left on it :rolleyes: My partner has a Tattoo at £25 p/m that she pays for but is under my name, technically this makes the Z a 3rd line but really only results in 2 for me. I also have a 3 MiFi so I'll just cancel that and only be paying £5 extra overall :huh: Also sweet talking just involved tweeting @VodafoneUKDeals on twitter and waiting for a call, downside is I'm having to wait for stock to turn up before they can confirm when I'll get it :huh:
  6. RyanMacG

    To get a Desire Z or not?

    I got lucky with Vodafone and got it on contract for £20 p/m over 24 months...think it's normally £25 and I got it discounted since it was an extra line. Worth trying them on twitter though if you're looking for a decent deal
  7. RyanMacG

    UK networks

    Vodafone are definitely providing it direct but seem to have held off announcing it due to the delays with it shipping. I ordered mine yesterday through their web team so I'm just waiting for them to call back and tell me when I can get my hands on it.
  8. RyanMacG

    MCR r23 Archive

    Standard Android IME? unless I'm just being dense and missed it :D
  9. RyanMacG

    Tweetdeck for Android: Beta.

    Can't get over how good this is for a beta, can't wait to see the finished version after this :D

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