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  1. Hey guys!! I´m looking for Windows Phone Mango news... and... i found a.. mistake?? in the Windows Phone 7 MX Developers link... http://www.microsoft...esarrolladores/ It´s the LG P500... An android smartphone!!! With Windows Phone 7?? What the hell... Here is an image... and look.. i see the android´s notification bar!!! *I´m from Mexico, if my english it´s bad... sorry... im studying the language!!* THX!!
  2. Yo lo acabo de descargar y ya no funciona!! :-( Por lo visto erá una version beta y ya caducó!! It doesn´t work!! It´s a beta and it´s.. how do i say "caducó"? mmm.. it´s out of time!!!
  3. Warrior_Rich

    i8000L telcel mexico firmware

    Sorry.. my principal question was.. the .bin file, it´s the PDA version??
  4. Warrior_Rich

    i8000L telcel mexico firmware

    Nice!!! Then you only upgrade the PDA, right?? Do you have some problem with the new firmware?? Maybe the language, 3G connection, something?? I only have the phone from stock.. it´s I8000LUMIJ1.. i upgrade CSC the version it´s I8000EURJD4 and looks fine!! 3G, language, configurations!! Ehmm.. can you write in spanish?? I prefer to write in my language!!! :huh:
  5. Warrior_Rich

    i8000L telcel mexico firmware

    Hey man!! Do you have the rom?? The PDA and CSC files??? THX!!! :huh:

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