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  1. Stop asking about the bootlogo. If you don't know how to change it yourself then wait and don't say to others who were where and helped out a lot of people from troubles that they're dogs. Best wishes, alabama20
  2. Lol that made my day :D Resistive into a capacitive... Newbies, newbies...
  3. :) They are always required ;) But this time they are included in the bundle...
  4. Somebody did a mix in the past if i remember good from 2 drivers maybe if we could combine the 2D libraries from this beta and the 3D libraries from the froyo beta3, maybe we could get better overall performance in 3D... But i know that this is hard, i just only mentioned. And games aren't important anyways....
  5. Voyteckst are we using the same graphic drivers like in beta3? Because some of the games are very slow and in beta3 they were faster + in a few apps the resolution is messed up... THX for the answer
  6. Voyteckst has right and quadrant lies too, recently i bought a tablet with 1GHz ARM v11 processor and i get very low score in quadrant and in that tablet i have GingerBread and 256MB ram...
  7. Anyone else noticed the poor performance in games or only i have slowdowns?
  8. I have the headset problem too, but please read before you post to avoid double or tripple posting...
  9. My storage is like a Class 6 SD card in speed. So if you compare the Class 6 SD card with a Class 4SD you'll know the speed differences (R/W)
  10. Hi if you have the original earphones which came with the phone try it plse. I think that users with non-original earphones like me are experiencing this problem...
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