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  1. can you guys tell us how to unlock our SE Xperia x 10 ?? either by code or by software ... the online things are very expensive so can you guys please share how u unlocked and what are the current ways of unlocking it ??
  2. in 290007 build .... creating a new message is very complicated .... may b due to that theme .. ocks messaging is very easier how abt getting it to your rom ?? it would b nice if it was faster ...coz messaging is done a lot in india .. Also the keyboard is very slow ... typing is difficult so you might want to look into it for next update ... thanks mate ...cheers !! cant wait for your updates and new roms !!
  3. and a humble request for all the ROM cooks ... please see to it that the messaging is FAST and QUICK and NICE !!! Regards
  4. i am using samsung onmina i900 and ocks new titanium rom .... opening messages is very slow and the entire phone has become slow for that matter ... err cant tell you how irritating it is ... when ever the keypad opens the messages go u pn own ryte ... now while am mmessaging and when i get an new message the samething happens like a million times .. is there a fix ?? plzz help ... thanks in advance ...
  5. OCK your new titanium classic doesnot show icons sometimes .... it does not show the menu while messaging and also where there are notifications the right bottom icon doesnot show ... i selected rock and republic theme !!
  6. the lock screen becomes dull ... using smartlock on wm6.5 !! donno how to fix that ...coz it becomes a problem when outdoors !! and installed windows Rock and Republic Black theme .... now it dowsnt show all icons in the bottom bar ( menu in messaging , lock button in start menu and also numbers in dialer skin) major problemss for mee :)( i am sick of using the dark color less themes !! plzz help !!
  7. what is this ?? this is for WM6.5 omnia ?? it looks greatt ... can i know more abt this ?? please do share how u made them with us along with your display !! thnx.
  8. the windows 6.5 smartlock screen is very nice and i want to use it . there is one problem though.... the brightness reduces in this lock screen which becomes a problem when outdoors ... what can i doo ??
  9. did u try canging your USB cable tht u r currently using to connect your mobile and pc??
  10. Happened to me .... i struggled for 10 days n then i found the answer to the problem ... its the CABLE FAULT ... try flashing using a new usb cable ... it will work .. trust mee !! its 1000000000000000000% usb cable faultt !!!
  11. There is a problem with the time in OCK's eclipse .... whenever i close an application or a call or something the time goes back by exactly 1 hour 2 mins and thn shows the correct time .... i thought i could get used to tht defect but its annoying now !! how to fix it ??
  12. How to lock screen while using the phone (on a call) .... like the original dialer ?? is there a cab for it ... because its very useful and necessary .... THANX in advance!!!
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