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  1. I have been trying to install a recovery image on my hero so i can install roms but i've been running into problems. I tried to install by the way of How To Root Your HTC Hero in One Click! on www.unlockr.com but without any success. So i downloaded a program callied Universal Androot and rooted the phone that way and then installed an app callied rom manager and installed the recovery image via that. In the rom manager menu i click on reboot to recovery and my phone restarts and goes into the recovery menu as on the pic below. But for some reason when i boot out of the recovery menu and try to go back in by the way of rom manager or by pressing the power and home button i get the following pic below. Do you know the reason why as i'm stumped.
  2. Ya m8 you may be right but i come on this thread as it was on about UniversalAndroot and i'm sure it works the same way on all htc phones.
  3. Tried this on my hero G2 with firmware version 2.1-update1 and it said woot your rooted but when i hold the power and home buttons on bootup i got nothing. Am i missing somthing
  4. Don't matter peeps found out that the code is unique and will not work on other handset. IMEI based system
  5. Don't know if i'm in the right place for this question, i brought a 2nd hand hero G2 on the orange network last week and paid online for a unlock code so i could use it with my t-mobile contract sim. The code unlocked the phone but the phone would not dial out or in though it would if i put a orange or vodafone sim in. I took it to my local t-mobile shop and they checked and said the phone was blacklisted as stolen and told me to take the phone back to the place i brought it. I did and they replaced it with another hero on the orage network. Problem is that its now locked to orange, can i use the same code for this orange phone as i used for the other phone or are there different codes.
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