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  1. Hi Brother, i try to Replace the 2 image as the requested path, the issue still cannot sync in the Mobile will see the error message Error Message as below Next Step Unable to find HTC Sync on your PC. Please make sure that HTC Sync is installed aned opened on your computer. You can install HTC Sync from the SD Card By Mounting it to your PC or you can download it from ................................ What should i fix the issue ?? Thanks
  2. I know Why i have the issue, Forgot to click up the USB Debug Mode... So....... After the Click up can flash the new rom on my N1 :D Yeah
  3. Yes, Select te Bootloader - > recovery after th few second, will see the !! & android logo cannot load to Android system recovery
  4. Dear Brother Today i try to flashing the new Rom and after i enter recover mode, will see the !! + Android Logo./ Do you know what should i do @ this moment? cannot flash any rom Thank JC
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