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    Samsung Galaxy Nexus :)
  1. Luirawr

    Nexus 5 delivered today!

    Safe to say I love it. The update wouldn't download so I flashed the entire Official ROM after unlocking the boot loader and its the sexiest piece of kit ever! Battery life is on 12% after being off charge since 830am Biggest killers are screen and TU go from 02 Other than that I have No complaints :D
  2. Luirawr

    Nexus 5 delivered today!

    Im unlocking the bootloader of mine before I do anything with it! Simply due to wanting to root and all other kinds of goodness without having to reinstall or back up anything. Its been sat on my desk at work, teasing me, since 1030am!!
  3. Luirawr

    Any root for UK model yet?

    Looks like CM is on its way aswell!!
  4. Luirawr

    Any root for UK model yet?

    Found this doing a quick google search. Not really tried it yet though http://www.ibtimes.c...m-jellybean.htm However, im 100% sure Paul is working his magic baking something up for it :)
  5. Has anybody else been recieving alot of Network outages since this rom update? The only thing that seems to reinitiate the connection with the mobile network is a reboot. Just randomly drops
  6. I noticed when updating to r4 that in settings > performance that Minimum CPU was set to 1024. This may be the cause of your battery issues?
  7. Luirawr

    Patched Wallet Issue adding card

    Im having the same issue here but with a normal visa debit card. o2 network as well.
  8. Apologies if this has already been mentioned But, for anybody experiencing battery drain and general UI lag, try disabling background sync within the google currents app If you have it installed of course Ive maintained a steady battery life through 9 hours with 76% battery when i get home. (juicedefender helps alot) Before turning the background sync off, using the same juicedefender settings, i was getting home with 14% battery! May be worth a shot
  9. Luirawr

    Android 4.2 - are you finding it buggy?

    I get every issue youve mentioned here. Its a really poor first release. Biggest problem for me is having to charge my phone almost three times a day... Thats with only ten minutes solid use an hour!
  10. Would happily pay more than £9.99 for a sub to this place!! Paul you genius :D Will be donating some more moolar soon >.<
  11. I for one am very very excited! After using Audio galaxy on my nexus and streaming straight from my laptop for months I've finally began to get awesome feelings about the release :D Being able to stream straight from the cloud with all your own music without having to pay a single bean just makes Google that little bit more epic! Heres to you google... Our ever loyal corporate giant :D
  12. Luirawr

    Nexus 7 32GB 3G priced?

    We just got delivery of the nexus 7 32gb in Currys PC World UK,,, Its on!
  13. You, sir, are a genius! Thanks muchly for all your work!!
  14. This is just pure awesome! Being on an IT Helpdesk setting up phones for corporate email etc becomes a difficult task With this im sure it will become so so much easier :D Shame its just for samsung though, tested on an S2 running 4.0.1 and Touchwiz and it really is amazing
  15. Thanks for the quick reply guys, My power save modes are turned off. The cpu governor is set to ondemand and i always have apps running in the background to ensure cpu is still on I have attached a screenshot of system tuner on my phone detailing the times. As you can see 4 minutes of the phone being have been spent with both cores off... Just baffles me I dont have any notification light on, i have turned it off in the settings within android

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