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  1. Hi, i own a htc s710 - fka Vodafon VDA V (with vodafon brand, etc.) It was used by my company. I got it as a present... First, i wiped memory by making a soft reset. I used the app located in expert. Then, i flashed ROM with this version here. Everything seems to work fine. But now i face a lot of problems: - wifi issue: adapter temp. gone - until reboot - battery lasts only a few minutes - phone says bye, bye during a call... I think all are very well known problems! Well, i tried to make a reset again. But i can't find the app in expert folder! Hard Reset using soft keys doesn't work, too. I pressesd post softkeys and power key, but nothing happened! I am getting only the vodafone splash screen. Well, i thought phone is debranded? But vodafon logo appears, when i switch on my phone. There isn't any warranty, etc. So, can fix most of problems with a new battery pack? I searched for it and found one for only 10 euros. Really cheap... Why does hard reset not work? Can i download soft-reset cab anywehre? Thx. greets Crusher
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