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  1. I have an S3, unlocked, running stock Jellybean, not rooted. Had it 3 weeks...best phone i've owned. The question...I get a low battery warning at 15%. I remember that I changed this warning from 25% when the warning last came up. I also remember having a 5% option. All I want to do is change the warning to 5%. How? I have definately remember changing it to 15%, from 25%, but do you only get this option once when the first warning appears? Because I cant find it in any of the settings menus. And when the battery hit 15% this morning there was no option to change it. I have Googled and searched here and some people say its not even possible...but ive already changed it once. I dont want to do away with the warning...just change it to 5%. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Interesting everett_psycho...I also got the wifi error message after about 150 hours of up-time. But I reboot fairly often anyway, so im now very happy with this mobile!
  3. I appreciate this is an older thread but, as I am the original poster, I thought I would share how I "solved" this problem. Another unrelated thread on XDA gave me the clue to my problem. I am on stock 2.3, which suffers from a ram memory leak, which slows the phone down over time. I deceided to see how long my 2X could stay up and still be usuable. At 100 hours or so my native browser became very unstable on wifi, but on 3G was fine. It seems after a long up time the wifi on this phone is all over the place. I then realised that my original streaming problem may have been due to long up-time. When I first got the phone I didnt know about the memory leak/wifi problems. Now I reboot once every day. So I tried streaming and outputting the result via hdmi again for the first time yesterday, after a fresh reboot. And it works perfectly, no stuttering at all. I watched a full avi movie, streamed from my laptop, through the phone, onto the tv, via the hdmi output. Ive posted just in case this helps anyone in similar circumstances. Once you know the quirks of this handset (thanks to everyone here and xda), it really is a terrific mobile!
  4. I might be asking a bit much here but is there any form of wired tv-out? Not dlna...but using the micro usb socket with a cable?
  5. Thankyou for your suggestion. Im on stock Gingerbread, and, as a previous thread about watching HD stored locally through HDMI proves, my HDMI playback is fine. What i'm hoping is someone with this phone might try streaming an SD video from a server using DLNA (Smartshare or possibly another app) and see how the output looks via HDMI on a TV (possibly using the in-built video player or something like MX Player). It might be that the playback stutters like mine, then at least I would know there is nothing I can do. Otherwise what apps do you use to achieve stutter free viewing? (The nearest I get is using Imediashare and MX Player)
  6. This forum has been very useful so far in helping me get the most from my new Optimus 2X. But if I could ask one more question. Is it possible to stream an unremakable AVI file (again, US TV shows) and, using the HDMI ouput, send the result to a TV, without the picture stuttering? Im not interested in streaming HD video...just SD stuff. What I have found so far is video streams ok to watch on the phone (Twonky server on my pc, in-built video player or MX Player on the phone) but when I connect the HDMI it seems as though the phone struggles to handle both the streaming and the HDMI output at the same time. The picture stutters. Has anyone managed to make this work reliably. (the tv doesnt have DLNA built in!) Again, many thanks in advance.
  7. Success! Ive learnt from an old XDA thread the phone will only reliably support the Baseline Profile up to 4.1. Ive had some success using the Main profile at 3.0 but im sticking to Baseline 4.0 to be safe. I adjust the bitrate according to file size from 5000 (smaller file size) to 10000 (larger file size) but the quality doesnt appear too different anyway. It takes a while to convert, but I am very happy with the 720p results so far. (Profile-Custom; Format-MP4; File Extension-mp4; Video Codec-MPEG4 AVC/H.264; Audio Codec-AAC; Make sure on the 'Filter/Previews' tab the resolution is set to 1280x720) I still prefer to use XMedia Recode, as GOM Encoder is only a trial version, but the clues from the old XDA thread and poster Macheath have finally solved this for me. Thankyou to everyone in this thread for all your help.
  8. Ive just tried a GiffGaff sim in the phone...no symbol. My Virgin sim card is old..about 10 years old! Never had the symbol on any of the other countless phones this sim has been in. LG and their quirks! Thankyou for explaining.
  9. In my notification bar I have a white "1" symbol in a grey box. Its there all the time. Does anyone know what it means? So far I can rule out a calendar notification (similar symbol, different colouring) as I havent used the calender at all. An old thread on another forum suggested it might be which telephone line I use. I have a bog standard Virgin contract and sim so I cant see anything special there. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. The video player I refered to im my earlier reply was MX Player. It plays MKV files on the phone ok but stutters badly when the HDMI is used. I even tried converting my MKV's using exactly the same attributes as the Tegra 1080p demo videos on the phone. The demo videos play great through HDMI...anything converted with the same settings stutters. I think I will have to chalk this up as an unsolved mystery. Many thanks to everyone in this thread who tried to help.
  11. Just out of curiosity...how did you find out the date of manufactuer? I also bought one from Amazon for £199 and I updated it to stock Gingerbread V20g straight away, it's been fine so far.
  12. Thankyou for your suggestion. I installed the program you linked to, it seems like a very useful tool generally and im keeping it, but it did not solve the stuttering problem. (I didnt realise the phone can play MKV files since Gingerbread, tried the MKV files I had, they still stuttered) I processed my MKV 720p files (American tv shows..nothing special) exactly as you described but they still stuttered both on the phone and through the HDMI out. I even tried the LG P990 setting, with copy ticked and unticked. The files either stutter or play in SD. I have also tried Handbrake using various settings..without success. Using another player will play the files on the phone ok but the stuttering via HDMI is much worse, almost as though the processor in the phone can't run an external program and deal with the HDMI at the same time. What frustrates me is that the mp4 HD 1080p LG demo file on the phone plays perfectly through the HDMI out, so the phone CAN do it. So back to the original question, what software and what settings to I need to use to get HD 720p output to work through the HDMI. Any other suggestions?
  13. I want to convert MKV 720p files to watch in HD via the HDMI output of my phone. But the 2X wont play MKV's directly so what settings do I use for smooth HD playback at the highest quality it will support? And what (preferably free) software do people use to do the conversions? Ive searched around the internet and no-one seems to give a definate answer. All the conversions i've tried work..but the picture stutters. Any ideas please.
  14. Ive worked it out with the help of this poster! In case anyone else was wondering you start with the "Gallery", press and hold the video you want to send through Smartshare and chose to "send" it to Smartshare. As the poster says you then choose your target and you're away!. The key is to start with the "Gallery" and not a file manager. Its a clumsy solution from LG (why dont they just make the phone a library source like all the other apps do!) but it works. Thankyou to the Marsou77 (and a thread on an LG website forum!)
  15. Thankyou for trying that for me. Sadly, I dont see much point to Smartshare if you cant stream from the phone. Skifta works for me and seems stable (remember, im on stock Gingerbread) as does Imediashare. Both are free or have free versions. I prefer Imediashare because you can skip forwards or backwards with the video file you're streaming, but Skifta is a little easier to use. Again, thankyou for testing that for me.
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