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  1. kallt_kaffe

    Where can I buy a new battery online?

    I ordered one of these the other day, haven't recieved it: http://dx.com/p/yizhantong-replacement-3-7v-1600mah-li-ion-battery-for-zte-u970-v889m-u795-black-198352
  2. kallt_kaffe

    [HOWTO] Replace broken digitizer on a ZTE Blade III

    Thanks for this guide. Just repaired one using the guide. I was also a bit confused about the ribbon cable part as the PCB was stuck pretty good but after heating the phone to remove the glass i tried it again while the phone was still hot and the PCB came off a lot easier.
  3. If you are familiar with adb then you can run this: [email protected]:/ $ logcat |busybox grep houdini When you start an app that uses binary translation it will print this: D/houdini ( 7945): [7945] Loading library(version: RELEASE)... successfully. Apps that I tried that uses binary translation: Netflix, Max Payne, Daddy as a thief, Spotify. If unsure which app trigger the lib then you can run the "ps" command and match the PID with the app the used the lib. Example: http://blog.apedroid.com/2013/05/how-to-check-if-app-uses-binary.html
  4. Asfaik the only way is to check the .apk file. Open it with your favorite zip-utility and check the lib folder. If only contains a armeabi-something folder then it only has native ARM code. If it also contains an x86 folder then it has native x86 code. If it does not have a lib folder at all then it doesn't use any native code so ARM or x86 won't matter. However since there is no known way to root the Fonepad you cannot pull the apk's from it so you'll have to download the apps on a rooted device and "steal" the them from /data/app/ if you want to have a look at them. I suppose there may be some clues in the log when starting apps that uses binary translation. I haven't looked but I suppose it could be possible to detect it with "adb logcat". Anyone tried it? Short answer: No, there's no easy way that I know of.
  5. I did a little expirement with the Epic Citadel app as it contains both native ARM and native x86 code. I made one APK with only native x86 code and one with only native ARM code and ran the benchmark once for each version. The result was that the version with native x86 code that did not have to rely on the binary translation (ARM to x86 code translation done on-the-fly by the libhoudini lib) resulted in a more than 40% better benchmark result than then version that relied on binary translation. Some more info about the tests and screenshots here: http://blog.apedroid.com/2013/05/binary-translation-vs-native-x86-code.html
  6. kallt_kaffe

    USB host mode

    Hi, just a quick note from one of the "lazy parasites". The ~7% increased Quadrant scores likely comes from the AHB overclocking that I invented as a "dirty trick" to pull money from peoples pockets.
  7. On my ZTE V9 I use the Google apps package from Koush: http://download.clockworkmod.com/test/gapps-ics-20111125-2.zip
  8. To be more specific, this is what was added 2 days ago (but I can't find it at gerrit which is a bit strange) https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base/commit/fc496c0607d0d2863ff9587019e890ab806ea49d
  9. kallt_kaffe

    USB host mode

    If you want to add it to gingerbread then just look at my kernel configuration for the v9 and at the v9 repo. Haven't tried it on ics yet.
  10. It's in cm repo already. But I think it is the same.
  11. Should work. We use the skate kernel and adreno libs on the v9 and blade ports.
  12. Try this: Use this include directory: https://github.com/k...ree/ics/includeAdd this to BoardConfig.mk:COMMON_GLOBAL_CFLAGS += -DMISSING_EGL_EXTERNAL_IMAGE -DMISSING_EGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_YV12 -DMISSING_GRALLOC_BUFFERS And this:TARGET_SPECIFIC_HEADER_PATH := device/zte/blade/include Add libgralloc to Android.mk and gralloc.blade to device_blade.mkChange egl.cfg to enable adreno200 You may or may not also need libcopybit. EDIT: Just tried deleting it and it works just the same without it so it does seem like it is used. I've got HW acceleration on my V9 now and it's A LOT FASTER than without it. You still need to disable animations and it's not perfect but hey, it's something. :)
  13. I have none of them in my BoardConfig.mk. If you fail to make i compile, try putting the attached libs in /system/lib/hw audio_libs.zip
  14. Thanks! That certainly made an improvement.
  15. Because I'm using CM's sources and just copied the libaudio folder frm TeamICS and Android.mk in CM source prevented my from building anything in hardware/msm7k/. I has checks for msm7k some other way that seems to be broken in the ics branch. I just commented out the check and all the lines for the other platforms but TeamICS version of Android.mk should work out-of-the-box. I have ICS up and running on my ZTE V9/Light with audio but graphics is painfully slow. And not only slow, it often seems to skip the last redraw so I have to guess a lot.

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