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  1. very,very, thank you! ps: if somebody is not want to reinstall the rom, then: http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/593-brightness-went-to-0-and-screen-is-off-how-to-fix/page__st__20
  2. @narkoman88: can you port or integrate to this ROM the original MIUI "Monitor" app?
  3. thanks. and how can I remove it? the phone will be very slow... :(
  4. that's right. i was mistake. but the idea was good .. ;)
  5. you can install this rom on your languague, only unpack the zip, change in the /system/build.prop the "ro.product.locale.language" and "ro.product.locale.region" variables to "de", save the build.prop and repack the zip. When you install flash the rom, everything will be display in deutsch. regards, fgy
  6. What's the "fast panel"? After you setting the languague to english (example..), all display text will appear in english, no russian (cyrill) letters are. The Cut the Rope is working good in this ROM (I restored from Titanium Backup..). Two things are not working: the VPN connection (IPSec PSK), and the FM Radio. Otherwise this is the faster and stable "MIUI" on this phone, it's very comfortable... :) Regards, fgy
  7. Very good rom, thanks. Are you working on the FM radio too?
  8. how to remove boot sound? ( settings-theme-edittheme-boot sound change to none is not helped....) any idea?
  9. Super, Youtube login bug fixed!! But I found one: when in slide down the statusbar, pick on Toggles, and slide to left the brightness controll to the end of the bar, the screen will be totally dark. Is this bug, or feature?? :) Where can be change the minimum brightness value? And how to remove the boot sound? ps: .. and what happened with original thread on miui.com?
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