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  1. I love it, so many things u can do it...will be first handset to get any updates from Google...i recommend it if u want to stay up to date with software...
  2. Hey Paul, will u have a supeboot for 2.3.4 also??? i just got my OTA update...
  3. has any one tried installing the HTC Sense LWP on the Nexus S???
  4. i tried to apply it and it wont work... have u tested it on the Nexus S before??
  5. phone still wont boot, i tried wiping the system and reinstall 2.3.3 but now it wont install it and wont pass the "Google" logo...what now??? update: I tied it again and it worked on the second time!! thanks Paul!! :)
  6. Thanks, Ill try that.... but do u think theres a chance i bricked the phone by doing the other superboot??
  7. I need help... I accedently click ans installed the superboot on my nexus s, but it was loaded with 2.3.3, not 2.3.2, now my phone wont boot...stays stuck at the Google logo.... what can i do???
  8. Ive been trying to update but i keep getting an error...need help..
  9. Hey guys, my wifi has suddenly stop working... Keeps saying "error", dont understand why cuz it was working in the morning then it stoped in the afternoon, any ideas or has this happened to anyone else???
  10. couldnt get it to work with the newest version of htc sync...help plz...
  11. ok thanks, one more question, do i push the file with a file manager app or do i have to connect to the computer??
  12. Has anyone been able to install mobitv on the n1???
  13. idk if theres a seperate topic for this question, but has anyone able to get mobitv apk working on the Nexus One??? i had two different apks but they wont work...
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