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  1. será que me podes ajudar?

    usei a tua rom para flashar o u8230 da minha girl, o problema é que depois ele deixou de dar som, fiz um wiped data bla bla bla e agora o telefone não me deixa instalar nada, nem market, nada.

    poderá ser por causa de eu ter eliminado alguma app que não devia.

    o grande problema é que depois de fazer o wipe data e até factory reset, o cwm deixou de aparece...

  2. facebook fails to play a mp4 video?

  3. Android 2.1 is also able to watch videos online facebook ..

    Android 2.2 is not able to watch all the videos to facebook 3gp

    2.2 ROMs I got this error and is unable to open youtube video but it is not possible to open the facebook video player for all video applications, I tried but it was not going olduysada video stream freezes

    I have this problem all the 2.2 mode...

  4. Boas antónio, tou com um grande problema no meu TMN a1, será que posso contar contigo para me ajudares se puderes?

  5. Well, to figure out if it's exactly the same you could extract the kernels from the respecting boot.img and then do a md5 hash on each one of them, and compare it to see if they're the same. Even if it's not, it's probably just a tiny .config change, or something like that. You should be fine using the kernel Fibblesan made for FLB1.7. Offtopic: I'm sorry for not being around, but I no longer have the time, the pacience or motivation to keep tinkering with my phone. It's now on a 2.1 rooted stock. I can't even install CM6 or FLB 1.7 (I have no idea why, tried everything), so I can't even test anything. I'm really sorry but I just want my phone to work, make calls, send sms and use a few apps, just that. Sorry. ;)
  6. As far as I know, I didn't make any changes that were meant to improve the battery life. Indirectly, maybe yes, but I doubt it. Battery life with mine or your ROM should be pretty identical.
  7. Why don't you want to use OC? It's not going to damage your phone... You can still flash the DroidWall kernel and then reduce the max cpu frequency to 528MHz with SetCPU or another similar app.
  8. Check out the first post for a new version of the ROM. :)
  9. I already took a look at that thread but the kernel headers which they say that solve the copybit issue are for 2.6.27, not for .29...
  10. Maybe the apk needs some frameworks from Huawei, but I think it should be possible to run it on CM6/7... I even had success running a full HTC Sense ROM on my phone...
  11. Yes it does. If it doesn't appear on the language list, download MoreLocale from the market and select it from there.
  12. Of course it's rooted... Why do you say it's not?
  13. The camera does not work, nor with the stock Android app nor with any other 3rd party app (Vignete, Camera360, ...). Unfortenately, it's a driver problem. Thanks, I'm going to check that out right now! Will do, thanks.
  14. Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?gi0g0bp3wxqmazr It's CM7 final, vanilla, without any customizations of my own.
  15. Do a factory reset (under Settings -> Privacy) and all your personal data (account, contacts, ...) will be erased. When the buyer turns on the phone for the first time, he will see the setup wizard, and will be asked to configure the Google account, time and data, ...
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