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  1. Sure how you use your phone and what apps you run and how much data you use will all effect the battery drain. BUT if you consider for those of us whos usage profile and installed apps remain close to constant, the OS can be seen to make a difference from time to time. For example based on my experience nightlies from around 206 (IIRC) are especialy good for drain. 210* was not so good, 227 was better 241 appears not so special. These issues (for me at least) don't releate to screen brightness, or partial wakelocks, or anything else very obvious, otherwise we could give the devs the info to fix the problem. Someone will come up with the reason soon I'm sure, they usually do, as we've had similar discussions a few times in this thread already....... *Kang build
  2. On that subject I moved from n220+ to n277 and standby battery seems good again. Sent from my Blade using Tapatalk
  3. I see the same, standby was excellent around n210-n213 I made a comment on it somewhere in the thread before the recent post explosion. This isn't a complaint just an observation, and I've been using CM7 nightlies for many months. I'm still using Sej's N220+. I may try the latest nightly.
  4. I too think in-Use battery drain is better in 215, from limited testing. Sent from my Blade using Tapatalk
  5. P7 looking good to me so far, even gps. No lag at all in rio I played the first ten levels. I dont overclock. Sent from my Blade using Tapatalk
  6. Ok don't think the long SD mount time when tethered is related to the new kernel. It's because I've moved a couple of very large apps on to the SD and looking in logcat it seems its the loading and unloading of these that is taking the time. guess it makes sense.
  7. I've only noticed it since using 2.6.35. Certainly since patchset 2, but quite possibly since vanilla 2.6.35 without noticing. I'm using windows 7. it can be a minute or more from taping the icon on the phone to mount the SD card before it actually happens. With GPS I'm getting no reboots, but I'm still flashing in the old GPS fix over the top of your latest images and it seems to work fine. Tried to reproduce using your method above, and no reboot. I know mixing code from the older version is a no-no, but if it works...
  8. I didn't time it but it's noticeably quicker booting now, and it does indeed fix the restart of the animation. One thing I have notice since using the new kernel is that sometimes mounting the SD card when the phone is connected via usb cable can take a long as maybe a minute. it used to be nearly instant.
  9. Actually I don't think its a boot loop at all. I think its maybe just a blank screen for a while between the duller and brighter phases of the cyanogen animation. Sent from my Blade using Tapatalk
  10. Just checked and mine is also doing that too. Sent from my Blade using Tapatalk
  11. Definitely better now. There is no way I'd go back to the old kernel, I'm finding then new one much better in games. Thanks for your continuing efforts.
  12. It's possible it's ok now. Haven't done anything different except the re-wipe/flash. It took ages to start up (longer than normal after a flash) but has been up for a few minutes now.
  13. The previous verson was OK for me, but your new patchset 2 build reboots about every 60 seconds for me at the moment. I'm going to try re-wiping and re- flashing.
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