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  1. Can I ask how people are downloading this? Are you able to do it over the air (via wifi and "system update"? If not, are you putting it onto the SD card? If so, can I please have some instructions (sorry am a noobie, I know) THanking you all in advance....muchio grassyarseo
  2. Hi Scott, can I ask what method the download is taking? Is it over the air?
  3. THis is very odd....I am back at work and it is now showing....very weirdicus. Anyway, I am downloading it onto my desktop for loading later in case I cannot do the over the wifi update. ALso, can I download this directly from the site to my phone (ie via the website)?
  4. hmmmm.....really weird.....I looked on the acer site and could see the 2.3 OS as per all your images. I also noticed a "gingerbread user manual" that was at about 11.30am. Got home to do over the air update via wifi and nowt there. Have just checked on acer site and it looks like it has been pulled. perhaps they put the old leaked one on by mistake and are in the process of putting a new version on.......
  5. Just let you alk know, the brown luquid acer is now showing in stock si hopefully we will get official release soon or a ripped version of the stock 2.3
  6. As title say, just noticed that epxansys is selling liquid mt with 2.3 gingerbread..... http://www.expansys.com/s.aspx?search=acer can we expect the official 2.3 release soon do we think?????
  7. Does anybody now where the 30 day free trial Navigon app has gone?
  8. i am sure there is a really simple answer to this but i cant get a ringtone that i sent from my old phone via bluetooth to show in my ringtone available selections in settings on my pulse. any thoughts? also, am still on original 1.5 setting and was just wondering if google navigation app will run on this? thanking you all for your help in advance
  9. I am complete newbie to Android and have only just got my shiny new pulse (upgraded from Sony C902) I have seen all the threads re the 2.1 update and I am now going to wait until the newly promised October update. I want to put copilot from android market onto my phone but am worried about the following: 1) will copilot take up too much memory and action the SMS low memory bug? 2) As I cant` sync my phone to my PC, how do I “back up” the copilot to reload when I update to the 2.1 (or heaven forbid, the 2.2)? please be gentle
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