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    HTC One 'Google Edition' for the US imminent

    I don't mind Sense so much. What I do mind is how long updates take to come. First the manufacturer takes months then if it's a branded handset the network takes months. I've got a Nexus 7 and an Orange i9100. Can you tell? :o) So, I *really* hope this comes to the UK!
  2. N-B

    Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)

    I've found that Orange do a sim with data at 5.1p/mb - and as you can link it to your monthly contract I find this ideal: http://shop.orange.co.uk/mobile-broadband/sim-only "pay for what you use" tab. I tried a Three PAYG SIM so that the data wouldn't expire after a month but despite paying for the data, they block non-phone devices. I wasn't that impressed, surely paying for data means that you can then consume it?

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