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  1. My battery life seems excellent, perhaps the best I've had with this phone, and I'm running pretty much the same setup as you. In addition to what Brembo109 suggests above have you checked that baseband and RIL match, using either GetRIL or LG RIL Version, both of which are on the Market? I'm also sure that the Toggle 2G option, which I baked into my ROM, is helping to control battery drain...
  2. Wow, how bizarre. Does this mean then that the best place for CWM is actually on the internal SD card? EDIT Oh, yeah -it happens with MIUI, too, as you would expect from behaviour on CM...
  3. At what point do I try to mount the SD card via ADB? EDIT trying to mount it while in your recovery gives the error <mount: mounting /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 on /sdcard failed: No such file or directory> EDIT but the SD card which can't be mounted in recovery is mounted when I reboot...
  4. Paul, thank you so much for this tremendous build! I've had this phone for almost five months now -running various ROMS- and for the first time this phone feels like a dual-core smartphone! Fantastic work. I baked selecting mostly the Google apps, am using the stock kernel, and have flashed the 725 baseband. The phone is ultra-snappy and smooth and boots in just over 15 seconds from the MoDaCo splash screen. Wifi and 3g performance seems good, and I'm getting a pretty quick lock on GPS. In short, a pleasure to use. The one thing I can't get my head around -and I've seen posts here which seem related- are the mounting issues with the external SD card. I have Rusty's CWM recovery flashed onto the external SD card and backup and flash by powering the phone down then accessing recovery with <power> + <vol-down>. If I reboot from recovery the external SD card is not mounted by the system; if I power down, however, and then switch the phone back on the SD card is mounted normally. With the Reboot to Recovery apk that is optional with your ROM I can reboot to recovery -Rusty's CWM-based but it will not mount the SD card. Can you offer any guidance? Thanks again for all your hard work.
  5. Very HOT -smoking, really! Running with your MCK r23 kernel for ext3, very snappy indeed! A couple of observations: Reboot takes almost 2 minutes from the time you hit the MoDaCo splashscreen? LG email app does not play well with stock email, at least when you're trying to set up an Exchange Server account. It was impossible to set up the account on either so I had to re-bake leaving one of them out... Fantastic work, thanks!
  6. Sounds like ADB is not seeing the device. If you're sure the drivers have installed correctly have you ticked the <USB debugging> box in the Application Settings? Also, you need to run the batch file from the command prompt and make sure you're either in that directory or have included that directory in your Windows PATH variables.
  7. @dap

    Do you check app permissions?

    Yeah, I do pretty much the same thing...
  8. @dap

    Another image to warm the hearts of Vega users?

    Who says you're not the man? Nice one! :D
  9. @dap

    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    No problems running it from Windows 7 Home 32-bit laptop without any changes.
  10. @dap

    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    SKYPE fix works for me -great one, Paul. Thanks!
  11. @dap

    Re-installing / enabling Flash on the Vega

    Fantastic! Works a treat -thanks!
  12. @dap

    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    Give it a go, T4ylor -you can always reflash the 1.04 ROM if something goes pear-shaped, as Paul says. Stay away from Windows 7 Pro 64-bit: it just doesn't seem to recognize an ADB device, for whatever reason. I've just flashed 1.04 on my Vega then flashed this ROM via a connection on a Windows 7 Home 32-bit machine, which will see what it's calling an Android composite ADB device. And Paul, if you read this post, you are so totally the man! Thanks so much for your work. :P
  13. express-codes who operate on ebay.co.uk unlocked my ORANGE UK Desire for £7.99 :P .

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