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  1. He's got nothing to do with that. Those FW files are at Samsung FUS server and here you can only obtain an information how to dl and decrypt them. If they are corrupted/incomplete there's pretty much nothing to do with that, maybe only find another similar one released for different country/operator in the same reqion etc (so it contains the same files, or most of them are the same)
  2. Just a few things to clear out some duplicates they've got on the server: S8500XXJI2/S8500XENJH2 has contents identical to S8500XXJI3/S8500XENJH3 which is S8500XXJI2/S8500XENJH2 S8500XXJI2/S8500OXGJI2 has contents identical to S8500XXJI3/S8500OXGJI3 which is S8500XXJI2/S8500OXGJI2 S8500XXJI2/S8500OXDJI2 has contents identical to S8500XXJI3/S8500OXDJI3 which is S8500XXJI2/S8500OXDJI2 the same goes for S8500AIJI3/S8500TIMJI3 and S8500AIJI4/S8500TIMJI4 S8500JBJI2/S8500XFVJI2 and S8500JBJI3/S8500XFVJI3 and perhaps some others which I didn't test
  3. Are you able to make a query for an old firmware (which isn't on your list) as well? Or only for the currently available latest one?
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