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  1. Intro I recently added two new features (Scroll to top and scroll to bottom) for my other app, Button Savior. The more I play with it, the more I believe it should be made as a separate app. So here it is. Since I only spent one day to develop this app, so I will continue through in more features later. I believe this app should work for you. If it doesn't, please post a reply here. Thanks in advanced. This app, as in first release, does only two things. But they can come in extremely handy when you are in a situation that you want to quickly return to top of a list or a web page. Before this app, you need to swipe again and again until you hit the top. Things get worse when the list is loooooong. With OneClick Scroll, all you need to do is to tap on top left corner on statusbar to scroll to top and tap on top right corner on statusbar to scroll to bottom. I have tested on two of my devices and most apps I have. It works in browser, Facebook, playstore. gmail, contact, phone history...... virtually anything scrollable. If it fails to scroll to top/bottom in your case, please let me know the app that fails. Download Playstore Link (If you can't from Playstore, please wait few hr because I just uploaded today. OR V1.0.2 V1.0.1 V1.0.0 Change Log 1. Enhanced scroll in app 1. Improved scroll in stock browser 2. Added vibration feedback switch 3. Fixed a typo 4. Added link to translation project Initial release Youtube Video Click to watch An introduction video I made on Youtube
  2. Previous Paul's favourite App is now available with no root on JB4.1 and up. Ever since my first release of Button Savior to Playstore, I can get almost 1-5 mails everyday from users questioning me why it doesn't work on their devices simply because they don't know what 'Root' is. Able to run Button Savior without root has then always been my first priority to do. Good news is since the introduction of Android 4.1, there is new APIs that allow me to develop Button Savior to run on regular, unroot, devices. So finally I can make a version for everyone who are not tech savvy. NOTE: For those who are already using Button Savior (root) on 4.1 and newer, you can install this version and uninstall the original one. Button Savior is an Android system keys simulation app that allows user to mimic action of Back, Home, and Recent Task keys on screen. If you have a phone with broken hardware button, or you simply just want to get rid of the bottom system Bar to unleash more screen estate, Button Savior is for you to do that. Button Savior (Non Root) is based on existing code of Button Savior (Root). So all themes and features are kept in this version too minus support of Search and Menu keys because they are not necessary in 4.1. [Features in this version] ☆ Simulates 'Home' 'Back' 'Recent Task' 'Screen Off' 'Volume' 'Camera' and 'Call' buttons ☆ Can set to always open or auto hide based on user customizable timer ☆ Two types of trigger action to choose from (Gesture trigger and Click trigger) ☆ Added Camera key and Call key simulation ☆ Customizable trigger position ☆ Also provides themese to support e-ink display ☆ Can change it to one click mode for super fast button action in option ☆ 11 beautifully made themes to choose from [screens] [Download Link] Play Store Link: [Download]
  3. This app is developed by the same Dev who makes the popular Android Apps Button Savior, Smart Taskbar, and Everywhere Clipboard. Smart Statusbar is the first and only statusbar enabler for full screen apps on android devices. No more lose track of time or important info on statusbar when you are reading, playing, or watching movie. To enable statusbar, just do a simple top down swipe from top of screen. By default, statusbar will shows 5 seconds. You can also adjust the timeout to your preference in settings. Please note. This app doesn't work on Honeycomb and ICS based Tablets. They are very different from phone version of Android. So no statusbar hidden problem on those tablets. So do not download if you want to use it on ICS or HC tablets. NO ROOT REQUIRED! FEATURES ☆ Reveal statusbar in full screen apps ☆ Gesture activation ☆ Works on 2.0 and up ☆ Adjustable statusbar enabling duration ☆ Vibration hint DOWNLOAD (1) You can download directly from Google Playstore. [here] (2) Or download the attachment in this thread below. SCREENS
  4. Everywhere Clipboard extends Android clipboard function and brings real desktop clipboard experience to you on mobile phone. Everywhere Clipboard is a Windows Office style clipboard panel which records copied items into a history stack. In addition to that, the clipboard panel can be opened anywhere in any application without the need to leave your current window or switch to different windows. To bring up the panel, just click on a tiny trigger icon located at the edge of your screen and the panel will expand. Brought to you by the same Dev who made Smart Taskbar and Button Savior. If you are a serious email or note taking user like me, you might find it improve your overall productivity a lot because there is no more app switching back and forth for simple text copy and paste action. Download From Market Features ☆ Instant on, always available clipboard panel ☆ Manage content to copy from files/folders ☆ Built in note editor for quick file creation ☆ Quick copy from any .txt files ☆ Supports both clipboard history based or file based copy ☆ More to come............. Comment and suggestion welcomed!
  5. kiumiu

    [App] Smart Taskbar - Launch any app in 2 steps

    [updated to V0.5.0 on Sept 13, 2010] Added: Added: (1) Widget Support (2) Option to turn off Task label (3) Option to turn off Widget label Modified: (1) Edit App dialog. Removed All App and Task from the list. Display in alphabetical order. Fixed: (1) All Quick Launch related FC bugs (2) DB upgrade from very old version FC bug (3) Learn how to use dismiss button hidden from screen issue
  6. kiumiu

    [App] Smart Taskbar - Launch any app in 2 steps

    [updated to V0.4.4 on Sept 06, 2010] Added: (1) Wifi power switch (2) Bluetooth power switch (3) 3G/APN switch (4) Flight mode switch Modified: (1) Enhanced the trigger area for icon mode a bit for easier activation.
  7. Download from Android Market: Smart Taskbar or With QR barcode Smart Taskbar is a - super launcher, task switcher, and also an app organizer that you can quickly call up on any window by swipe the edge of screen or by clicking a transparent trigger icon on screen. In most cases, you can complete app launching in 2 finger clicks (1st swipe, and 2nd click on app icon to launch). Possibly the fastest way to quickly launch or switch between applications. Smart Taskbar comes with following features (1) 5 speedy launch spots for 2 steps quick launch (2) App organizer function built in (3) Task switch (4) super speedy launcher (5) Software home button (To prevent H/W home button from tear and wear) (6) True multitask experience! Reason why to use Smart Taskbar: (1) Free up your home screen for more widgets instead of app shortcuts (2) A better way to organize app in to groups (3) Need a faster way to launch your app (4) Missing the multi tasking in Palm Pre (5) Don't want to press hardware button too frequently [updated to V0.4.4 on Sept 06, 2010] Added: (1) Wifi power switch (2) Bluetooth power switch (3) 3G/APN switch (4) Flight mode switch Modified: (1) Enhanced the trigger area for icon mode a bit for easier activation. [screenshots] Get Smart Taskbar by searching 'Smart Taskbar' in Android Market.

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