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  1. Did the TPT actually re-partition the phone though? And if so, does the booted ROM display properly? I would personally be pretty happy then, since I could take a graphically broken boot and recovery if I could go from 160 to 310 mb /data... (Currently on stock GEN3) In any case I think you can fix everything and return to completely stock by flashing the official ZTE 2.3 ROM from Windows. EDIT: I restored the factory recovery and ran the TPT called "Gen 2 Moldovan Mile High Mountain Pie RLS9", it completed with an error, but actually booted up android. The screen was messed up, but turning it on and off again fixes it. So after more than a year with the shitty 160 mb /data GEN 3 layout my phone is now a GEN 2 and has a 311 mb /data partition! :ph34r: (And it actually IS a GEN 2 now since radio and everything works without flashing the usual gen3fix.zip) EDIT 2: Using this package to take screenshots of the recovery I managed to (slowly) install a more up to date ROM, and it all works fine.
  2. Can you actually access https://android.googlesource.com/ ? It might be blocked in China.
  3. Yes,I am referring to TPT Helper. Stock is different on different Blade gens. For instance, GEN 3 (which can't run a TPT to something better :( ) has a massive 60 mb wasted cache partition, a huge 200 mb system, and a tiny 160 mb data...
  4. It is all kind if of a mess really. In any case, you phone is GEN 1 (You can check with https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amphoras.bladechecker) and therefore you simply need to run a GEN 1 -> GEN 2 TPT to get everything sorted.
  5. TPT Helper will do just that, and reinstall CWM. Then you flash as normal.
  6. Probably because there are no bugs left, and official Cyanogenmod 10 is basically finished, and wont get any new features.
  7. The signal strenght is actually just as good on this ROM as other devices. It just shows the wrong number of bars sometimes, usually just the first dot in in the wifi icon. The speed, and the "reach" is good however.
  8. Possibly. I have the latest MX Player with the corresponding ARMv6 codec. Go to MX settings and make sure to deselect SW for all videos. I don't know what HW+ is, so I don't use it, and normal HW works just fine on h264 videos in MP4 containers. Edit: If Youtube works well for you, it could just be some random bug with MX on your end. Try Dice Player also. I haven't used it myself, but I have heard it is good to.
  9. HW decoder in MX works beautifully for me. I did a completely clean wipe and install however. Try just wiping data for MX first and see if that does it.
  10. You are right, the files are saved in sd/DCIM/Camera, although the camera app never shows them in the top right corner after recording. And the store location option does nothing.
  11. Is video recording supposed to work in the latest version with the YouTube fix? I doesn't work for me, but it is not mentioned at all in the first post.
  12. I have heard about a lot of issues where the home, menu and back keys backlight bleed through the screen. http://www.swedroid.se/forum/showthread.php?p=1080207#post1080207 If you could kill the light then it wont be a problem, but this might not be possible. I once had an old Huawei with the exact same problem, and the backligt could not be controlled.
  13. It is indeed a small speedup. The difference is most noticeable in panorama i think.
  14. Wearing out a CPU by overclocking, without increasing the voltage, is probably impossible. In any case, different phones will overclock differently because of very small imperfections in the production of the CPU and possibly other components. The situation is the same with normal PC processors, where pros will often hand pick a CPU that clocks exceptionally well in cooperation with the manufacturer. AFAIK any blade should be able to do 690 mhz, or at least the step below that. I was extremely lucky, mine is rock stable at 748 mhz, and it can reach 806 as long as wifi is turned off. Turning on wifi almost instantly causes a freeze above 748 mhz for me.
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