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  1. I realise jelly bean is in the works and ics is getting better but we have two ROM that are being updated/supported. I have no clue how to cook roms so I appreciate all the hard work people do but I am starting to regret the phone as other phones seem far more supported.
  2. After reading Paul's excellent piece on Tasker I decided to start this thread to allow users to post their profiles and offer advice to others. I will add to it myself but others please feel free to add to it and I will tidy it up once we have some content.
  3. Really great article. Please continue. Or can we set up a forum page with profiles and tips/help.
  4. I have tried formating SD and using a different one, still no luck. I have installed a B297 ROM for now and will try another Infusion ROM at a later date in hope SD will work for me again. Thank you again for hard work tillaz.
  5. Phone just sits on "switching.... Please wait" screen forever so to reboot means stopping the process. I, as we all do, appreciate your hard work and do not wish to do nothing but complain.
  6. I am unable to change default storage location to SD. When I choose to change location it says please wait...... and 10 minutes later still no change. Zedge will not work as it says sd card not present.
  7. ROM working fine apart from sd card is seen as blank and it can not be set as default. SD card is mounted but no apps can use it.
  8. No? What should I have done? Edit - think I found it. Thank you.
  9. Wifi turning off bug still present for me. As soon as I turn it off I get reboot. I have used the patch and and done numerous wipes. Update - does not reboot if I have network data turned off before turning on and then off again. Weird. Great work on the ROM.
  10. Can I flash the MoDaCo ROM Gr2 over my stock OTA B892? If I back up my stock ROM in cwm can I then flash the phone back to stock OTA B892 back up for the ICS update in the future? Also will the cwm back up keep my imei safe? Thanks.
  11. You mean a CWM backup of my official OTA updated Stock ROM. Keep that safe and then flash a custom ROM. Do I just install CWM on the stock ROM. Thanks.
  12. Well did the OTA update to B892. Hoping some custom B892 ROMs available soon. Thanks for all the advice.
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