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  1. Ok thank you for your answers. I have another problem with the GPS. It never fixes :angry: I keep on using GPS Status which downloads the A-GPS information with success but the fix is not possible. It finds 1 or 2 satellites but never more.
  2. Hello, Very nice ROM. I do like this pacman :wub: But I have some trouble because my phone is a SFR one so the home and menu buttons are oftenly inverted but in this case, I have no more Home button. Do you know how to refind it ? Thanks
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    It works perfectly. Thank you very much
  4. ServAnges


    Hello, I have some problem with the on SFR Staraddict phone, when installed, no way to choose what to do. I haven't any problem with V4.0.1.4 but with the V5.5.0.4 and this V6.0.2.7 the Vol + and - does nothing and no way to select the current choice. Is this problem known ? and is there anyone who can help me ? Thanks in advence
  5. About bluetooth, on my Sfr Staraddict, the bluetooth is not working at all, It is impossible to switch it off, but when on, the bluetooth doesn't detect any device. Previouly, I was using a bluetooth headphone without any problem and I can use my computer, but now, neither the headphone nor the computer is detected. If I validate the visibility of the phone, it is not visible by anyone. Hope it can help to find out the bug.

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